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Seller begged for 5 star review


I just bought a gig and was very disappointed with the result. I paid the person but rated the 3.5 stars. They were so far from what I needed it wasn’t even worth trying to do revisions.

They then sent me an contact begging me to change their rating to 5 stars. And that God would reward me if I did. I refused to do it.Why would I write a false rating.

S they then rated me with 1 star and said “Unacceptable Experience.”

This seller is unethical. Is there a way to report this behavior. It is completely inappropriate.


It is unacceptable behaviour, and please feel free to report it:


That’s a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

As @offlinehelpers said, report the seller to Customer Support.


Not all Sellers are as “rating hungry” as in your last experience and I’m sorry you had to go through that. And it should be reported
Speaking from the perspective of a Seller: ratings and reviews matter, BUT not above the quality of the work and sub par rating can hurt the opportunities for a seller to get more jobs. By and large the majority of the Sellers on Fiverr are more interested in delivering quality work. The result of which are positive ratings.

Rating Buyers and Sellers is a subjective process and if you are not happy with the work, then you should either (1) work with the seller to achieve the level of work you need (2) cancel the order if you can not, or (3) reflect your dissatisfaction with a negative review. The consequences of which could be a negative review.

Playing Devil’s advocate, in the Seller’s eyes, it was an unacceptable experience on his/her end. Begging for a review is unacceptable and unprofessional, but not the negative/subpar rating.

CS can help you.


Correct, I also had similar experience. He was a writer. Since my english isn’t good, I thought of hiring him to write a short blog post for me and so I bought one of his gigs and send him a short note to write this and that and you know what, he just googled the topic, grab any text he saw, paste it in Ms-Word, and sent it back to me. There were grammar errors which I could easily notice and when I informed him about those errors, he said Ms-Word didn’t detect them as mistakes or errors. Damn, but I didn’t wanna give him -000 star so I gave him 3 star just for the sake. Right after the order is closed, he sent me a message saying his father was in hospital and he was trying to help him with a request “please give me 5 star” :frowning:


Yes you Should Report it… as Seller should prove through their Quality Work…and awarded Ratings:)


As a seller, after the order is marked as complete in 3 days, I will send buyers a message informing them the project has been delivered and if everything is good to go and no edit needed, appreciate if they could leave a review based on the experience they had with me throughout the process. BUT I never ever asked for 5 stars review.


That sound appropriate and a good business practice.


Thanks for the link. I just used it.


Here’s the link for customer services again:


Hi npally,

Sorry for the bad experience you encountered.