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Seller Beware Bad Buyer

Since joining fiverr I have noticed a large amount of reported bad buyers either completely steeling the work, or using the rating system to threaten for a lower price, or even a complete refund.

I think a rating system on buyers should be instituted, that way the seller will know if a buyer is abusing this site. Granted they could use a different account but most likely the source of payment would be the same. And fiverr could check that, even if it was behind the curtain, it could help cut down on the damage that “abusive buyer” could dish out, to include have the sale, gig, or rating completely removed.

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There already is. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you look at your own profile, you can see you’ve had reviews from two different sellers.


I mean the Pro sort of level system that the seller has.

If any place where I chose to shop chose to place me in a Level System I would stop shopping there! :wink:


I agree with Miss Vickie that we do not want to start publicly rating our buyers even if they are bad. It’s not going to make people have a good image of the site.


true :slight_smile: you are right

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So its better to hold the sellers and different standards than the buyers? It should be equal across the board. And I would think that equality would drive out the bad buyers and atract better customers on both sides of the house.

And maybe even less horror stories of Artists having their work stolen.