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Seller Blacklist for buyers


I can create a list of favorites easily enough but i’d love to also be able to create a seller blacklist so I don’t buy from them again by mistake. Sellers who are unreliable and do not deliver waste so much time I don’t want to go near them again but it’s too easy to do so by mistake, with no mechanism to remember their name.

Let me blacklist a supplier which can stop me from buying from them again by mistake.


How to seek help? My seller asked alot of information from me and claimed the order is ready to deliver. After i provided the information, seller than claim that Fiverr has technical problem in network and he could not deliver. Instead of solving this technical issue with fiverr, seller request me to cancel my order. I did not think it is right thing for such conduct. I then attempt to report to fiverr and inform seller to communicate directly with fiverr to deliver the order. Seller threaten me. I have paid full and additional money as requested by seller. Who can help me?