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Seller Block me on Fiverr

I am seller on Fiverr. I want to buy a gig of another Seller I contact on there Inbox but He reply me in Good Manner but suddenly He blocks me on Fiverr?
and no more conservation. Fiverr allows their seller to block each other its the worst experience for me. What is the reason he blocks me?.. I wanna report this seller of there behavior. Is it a Good Idea?


i think it’s no problem to report, but give specific reasons regarding the report


They must have felt that your conversation wasn’t going anywhere, or perhaps they thought it was a spam message. Sellers often get spam messages from other sellers. What did you say to them?

This would be a waste of your time, and Customer Support’s time. The seller did nothing wrong. They’re allowed to block you if they wish. You may not like it, but there’s nothing more you can do.


Yes you are right .But seller behavior is not good I think its waste off time to contact customer support or report him.
I contact to another seller who provide same services It is a good idea Thanks.


What did you ask the seller?

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you are right it will be good for you. Best of luck from Pakistan…

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are you sure… ? There are no gigs on your profile


No seller owes it to you to let you communicate with them.

And this doesn’t affect you at all.


You have been on Fiverr since Oct 2015 and yet you haven’t created a single gig.


I have only one gig on fiverr this time

Are you sure ? On your account there are no gigs

There’s no gig showing on your profile.
Check if it is paused

That has absolutely nothing to do with what I said.

Unless you’re trying to tell me your buyer owes you a review because you only have one gig, which is nonsense.

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No its not paused check again !

Thanks for your compliments point to be noted :slightly_smiling_face:

See There’s no gig

ubaid__khan check it you missing a one under dash.

Yeah Oky I see it now

my pleasure :slight_smile:

Sellers are allowed to block buyers. It is a deliberate feature of Fiverr.

You therefore have nothing to report. The seller has done nothing wrong based on what you’ve written.

Is it a good idea to report them to customer support? No, it’s a terrible idea.