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Seller blocked me when asked for the sample

A seller blocked me when I ask the sample. I’m also a seller and buyer’s ask me for the sample so I send them. Is that spamming? I mean asking for the sample is spam? Because this seller blocked me when I ask for the samples.

Due to forumn rules, I can’t share the screenshot but I contacted him to create a design for my GIG thumbnail. Now he blocked me, I like his work and want to order from him.


I asked him to send me some sample work with watermark for your protection. He said no and never and blocked me. Is that spam?

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I do not send free unpaid demo/test/sample work to anyone. It is not only against the TOS but asking and giving (even if unasked) is really very unprofessional. So yes you Spammed them.

Yes it will win with certain types of clients (who probably abound in places like this) but seeing I have a huge Portfolio, if the client doesn’t bother to research it, and instead expects that I will bow and scrape to them like the are the Emperor Of My Time, they might well get blocked.

Every time I have replied to decline I have gotten a gob full so easier just to get rid of them with the minimum of fuss by blocking them.

Depending on the situation with getting a Seller to work on your Gig there are potential TOS problems there too. All depends on what you, and they, do.



I asked another seller and he send me the samples. I’m paying 7.25$, what do you think, I pay him without even seeing the quality of his work?

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Many seller give the sample and many don’t. You will ask him if he agree to give sample or not

If the Seller doesn’t have a Portfolio, why would you ever want to hire him for anything? Clearly he is at best disorganized, at worst has no skills. I see no reason to even consider such a seller.

$25 for good work is still stupid money. Either you take a suck it and see approach if there is some reason this seller with no work really appeals or you move on to someone who has proven that they have not only skills in that work and has business sense.

If you just want to see if you will get exactly what you want before you invest then you have trust issues and are not ready to hire a real artist (which these people probably aren’t if they have no work to show or are happy to waste time doing work for free).

You have responsibilities if you want to be a good buyer, just as you have responsibilities if you want to be a good seller - like having a good portfolio and not making a dunce of yourself with your colleagues.

FREE WORK is against the TOS. There is no grey area. Ask a plumber to come paddle in your overflowing :poop: for free to see if you like his aftershave and see how far you get!



I think so it is no spam.

Come on man, I just asked to send me a sample even with water mark for his protection. Its not a scam

Technically it is not Spam but it is an inappropriate thing to ask, esp from one seller to another. So while Spam is technically not the right term, it is close enough.

@ahsan457 FREE work. How about I come and take some money from your bank account? Will you let me do that?

I bet you say no (or give a smarty pants response to try to distract). Taking without giving is not cool. Me asking to take money from your bank account is the same as me asking you to give me some of your (apparently) valuable time, just because I feel like it. It is inappropriate.

So, please don’t do the come on man thing. You did the wrong thing. You complained like the other seller - the one you insulted - did the wrong thing. You are in fact digging a deeper hole for yourself, advertising to all the other quality sellers here that you are not a class act.

Your call but if you don’t want to be called a poor operator, don’t be one.



Asking for a free sample is a violation. It would be best if you also made your decision by checking the seller’s previous work, gig samples, and reviews. You should ask questions regarding your request or previous work samples that match your requirement (if you want a health-related website, you can ask if they have something related to that). if you ask him about a specific task for free, you’re in trouble


There’s nothing to discuss here, is there? If you don’t pay, you’re not a customer. Accordingly, there is no binding performance to deliver. So it is up to everyone to decide how to deal with it. I blocked someone yesterday for exactly the same reason. I offer a PAID sample, because only those who value my time can work with me. And serious customers are always willing to do that. I am also a buyer on Fiverr myself and would never expect free work. If I want to see a sample, then I offer a fair payment for it. If you don’t do that, you are not a potential customer for me. If you just want to look and not pay, you can look at hundreds of reviews and a huge portfolio.

Counter question: Do you also go to the supermarket and open the candy bags there to test them for free first? Or are you more likely to be thrown out for that?


Good sellers have a broad portfolio of their work as part of their gig. This should be enough to base a buying decision on. You shouldn’t need to ask for a sample.

If a seller doesn’t have a decent portfolio of their work, then why would you want to work with them? It points to either an inexperienced, disorganised or not very good seller.

In my opinion, if you wanted a sample then you should have paid for a gig. For two reasons a decent seller isn’t going to send you a quick 10 minute sketch for example. Firstly, it’s still 10 minutes of their time, and secondly it wouldn’t be representative of what a two hour gig would achieve. A compromise could be a custom offer where you agree the outline of the sketch - setting out clear expectations that it would not be the ‘finished article’.

So were they right to block you as spam? Maybe, maybe not. Personally I would have replied with a short message saying “Please see my portfolio”. More to the point, was it right for you to ask for a sample - I would say not.


All people here in forum will make you afraid. Asking for samples is not a spam, you guys should see this reply of cs agent. Lack of knowledge.

Well, that’s good news. I also don’t think someone should be actually punished when asking for a sample. But it is still unprofessional and unethical.

Now he blocked me, I like his work and want to order from him.

That’s what will happen in a lot of cases. Now you do have to take a look at a different seller. I mean, what’s the logic behind this? You actually say you DO LIKE his work and DO want to order from him but you want him to do some free work first? Sorry, but it’s just the typical “people don’t appreciate it until it’s gone” thing.


Well I for one don’t share my samples on my gig page because I had all of them stolen. I have my own website with samples, so people can ask for samples and I link them to that.

It’s not spam, however the person might not want to share samples. It’s still strange to block people like that. Fiverr does offer tools for sellers to block buyers in case they feel uncomfortable. I don’t see why that would happen here… but who knows

He didn’t want to see his portfolio. He asked him to work on an exclusive sample for him for free.

Sadly work does get stolen - but imagine a Fiverr world where no one had a portfolio of work visible for everyone to see. We’d all be messaging sellers asking for a key to unlock secret vaults containing examples of our work. It just wouldn’t be practical.

However, I think we need to be clear what a sample is vs an example. In my opinion a portfolio contains examples of our previous work. Whereas a sample suggests something that’s maybe more customised to a buyer’s requirements (probably requiring a little bit of effort on the seller’s part). Maybe I’m dealing in semantics here, but I’m sure some will be applying the word sample when they mean example.

As I said previously, I’m not convinced either that it’s spam to ask for a sample. However, from the seller’s point of view, if they’ve gone to some trouble to make sure their portfolio contains examples of their work - then you can understand them getting annoyed when someone still asks. That’s why I suggested a custom offer might be the way forward. “Hello I like your work. Could we agree a custom offer whereby I pay you for an hour of your time to come up with an outline concept based on XYZ?”

Nope guys. I actually wanted to view his more work that’s it. I used the word “sample” not “work for me for free” sample means the previous work you did

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That’s confusing because in your initial post you said

I like his work and want to order from him.

How did you know you like his work if you never saw some kind of sample and he blocked you? If that’s truly the case I think it could be a misunderstanding. Maybe the seller thought you want a free sample and blocked you.

It depends on your workfield I guess. For me sample means a customized item. Portfolio sound right to me when it comes to previous projects.

In any case - I think it just could be a misunderstanding but at this point there’s nothing you can do. There’s definitely no penalty for you and I also don’t think “spam” would be the right word in this case. Hope you find another seller that get’s the work done, all the best!