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Seller blocked me


I sell scripts and other forms of writing on here, but I also buy through the same account. I contacted another seller to order a video editing gig (which I don’t offer myself, so there’s little chance that they thought I was a reseller), and they blocked me. I’m very confused. What can I do to avoid this in the future?


I don’t see any fault in what you did. Nothing out of the ordinary imo… But it also depends on the interaction you had with the seller I suppose :thinking:


This was the message. The cut off part is just my first name.


My best guess is that the seller thought you were trying to sell something. It was probably just a misunderstanding. I would suggest wording it even more clearly when you approach another seller, make sure that you mention that you are a seller but this time you are interesting in buying a service. Don’t use the phrase “I can provide logos,” especially if the seller is not a native English speaker. If I skim your post fast or when I was very tired I might think you were trying to sell me logos, and I am a native speaker.

I’m sorry you were blocked, but I really bet it was an accident.


Yeah, that makes sense. They’re not a native English speaker and Fiverr’s system probably also assumed I was some spammer then basically recommended they block me. Thanks.


Blocking your account won’t hamper your buying or selling. Look for another professional and let him/her know your requirements.

I agree with @fonthaunt . There is a chance of misunderstanding.


HI, i have also same this problem by fault i delete the message of my client and now i unable to connect with him.
Is any way to connect them???


Sorry. The seller may have had a bad experience from another which didn’t leave a good impression.



Try contacting CS and explain what happened, I think they’ll be able to help you. Good luck!


What is c. S. And how i use it to connect with my client.

Tell me hole process and please contacted me with the client


Contact Customer Support Here


Thank you sir
Its helpfull for me