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Seller bombarding requests xD

Well everytime when I check buyer request option so all buyer had already been bombarded with above 40 requests :smiley: even when I refresh and any new buyer requests get listed and even I am reading what buyer actually needs within that time of reading instruction I sees that this buyer request has already received over 20 then 30 and more seller requests within seconds :smiley: are they robots or what lol ?

No, they’re not robots, they’re desperate. A lot of people need money, and they’re not getting enough orders from search. A lot of gigs are very competitive, so some sellers have no choice but to bid.

I rarely bid, when I do I try to copy and paste my bid message to save time, but it’s not easy. One buyer wants this, another buyer wants that, and you have to bid in a way that you get an order and not a conversation.


Clever you :smile: (20 chars)