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Seller/buyer ordered my gigs with intention to give me negative rating on my gig


I ordered from you a seller named [fragglesrock]. He misbehaved and refused to complete my order without giving any reason. He said it was his wish and he didn’t want to provide me his service. Well but i was looking for a polite reply from him. So after 3-4 days i cancelled the order and he received a negative feedback. I reported against him but fiverr didn’t take any step against him. I’m 100% sure that he was using false location. His profile is showing he is from U.S but his English is too poor.

Now he has ordered my gigs 3 times without giving me any necessary information which i need to complete my service. He also mentioned an Email id in every order. I wanted to cancel the order but he didn’t accept. I guess he wants to cancel the order after the time being passed so he could give me negative feedback. What i can do in this situation? Is it ligament in fiverr?

Looking forward to hearing back something from you. I don’t want to receive any negative rating without any reason.


Sheriff’s note: The forum is mainly for dscussion. To resolve issues you will need to submit a request to customer support. Also, please do not ‘call out’ buyers or sellers on the forum

I would contact customer service. Let them know what’s going on and messages outside of fivver can cause you to get banned. Bring this up with them as well.

I didn’t give him any message outside Fiverr. I never do it. I contacted with fiverr. Waiting to hear back from them.

kozakura said: and messages outside of fivver can cause you to get banned

I never contact anyone outside fiverr. I ask outside people to buy my service from fiverr

Reply to @bahar9: Two words - Customer Support. Document with plenty of screen shots - this may be stressful and a bit time consuming for you, but should be a fairly watertight case for getting this Buyer’s feedback removed.