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Seller can also be a buyer. Is this will effect to seller`s sales

Hi there!

Hope you all doing great. I am a seller and also I buy a gig from another seller. so I am a buyer also. but when I go to my profile there is review as seller and review as buyer does this will effect to my seller profile. because,

If some one can think this guy is not only a seller he`s also a buyer should I trust him he can sale my order to someone else.
Also a customer can think this guy is also a buyer he knows how much imported to deliver a good service and what are the needs of buyer.

How ever I would like to know what you guys think of this.

Is seller should always been a seller will get more sales more than the, seller who use both buy and sell options?

waiting for your reply…

Thank you,

It won’t get you more sales, but I suppose it could add some credibility by showing he understands what it is like to be a buyer and thus may feel more inclined to deliver a great product. Empathy can be powerful in sales.


Penalty is when referee whistles

(Vujadin Boškov, football manager, 1931-2014)

Only bad reviews harm.


I saw many top rated sellers also been a buyer. They have buyer reviews as well. This will also help to earn buyers trust.

Possibly, but that could be a total coincidence.

Agreed with you. I don’t think sellers will put low reviews. Because after they review buyers review will show. So what ever the buyer says seller didn’t know so always they try to use 5 start to buyer.

Why not? If you, as a buyer, deserve a poor review, you bet you’ll get it! :wink:

Sellers, same as buyers, have freedom to leave their reviews - whatever they might be.