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Seller can not verify his work - looks like a scam


Warning buyers !

A level 2 seller of website designs seems to be posting fraudulent works in his portfolio.
Questioned him, but he just brushed it off.
His reviews are all positive.

He list these websites but the work is not by him. Some of the sites have the designer name/company listed on them. When asked about this, hw says there is sites, brushing it off without proof.

Does fiverr investigate these profiles of sellers ?


Only if someone reports them.


how do you report them ?


There’s a little flag sign on the gig page, you can click on it and fill in the required information. (That’s how to report the gig, if you wish to report the seller, click on “Report” on their profile)

Or, you can submit a ticket to Customer Support and send them the proof that the seller is being dishonest.


To come to this conclusion, I assume that you know who did build the websites this seller uses in their portfolio and that you have contacted each design company to ask if they ever outsource work or are connected to a seller on Fiverr in any way?

I mean otherwise, all you are really doing is running around shouting "Fiverr seller who says he offers web design services, has websites in his portfolio which look quite good."

If you know anything about web design, you will also know that it is possible to resell different themes and plugins which often do still show the original creators branding. I don’t sell web design but I have a license which allows me to sell several themes created by a group called OceanWP.

I would advise you think carefully before you let what seems like an unfounded grudge/manic moment of boredom, spur you to attempt to ruin a random strangers career. The universe is watching and occasionally, karma gets hungry.


It is weird that a seller doesn’t explain why the samples have someone else’s logo on them, but I agree with the previous post.

There can be a number of reasons why there’s someone else’s logo on them. For example, I do a lot of white label work, meaning I sell my designs to another development agency, but my contracts also say that I can showcase those designs in my portfolio. I don’t own those, but I kept the right to showcase them.


He probably was the designer who worked on the sites or there is a chance he didn’t. Either way, there is not much anyone can do. If he has lots of good reviews, he is probably a good seller.

I had a similar question a long time ago about a seller who made websites, and after investigating found he was the designer who worked on the sites in his portfolio and also had his own company. I was curious when I saw the name of a company on his sites but it all checked out.

If you report it and it is actually his designs you are not going to look very good. So don’t report anything like this unless you have absolute proof.


If OP asked him in the same manner he posted on the forum, it’s not that weird.


Mhmh, could be. Fair point :slight_smile:
If OP started with acquisition then seller probably didn’t care to explain.


My friend works as a website designer on Fiverr and he has reached upto 2nd level 2 years back. He has worked for many clients which were working as middle man, they took project from local client or another freelancing website and gave that order to my friend,

After completing the work the middle man add their branding and delivered to original buyer, that is how many agencies work in first world countries.


Yes could be the case. But the seller should explain if that is indeed the case and verify. Otherwise it is a warning sign.


As a seller he is not supposed to do anything that might direct people to his outside work. That might be why he didn’t explain it further.


The sites in question have different company names. Not the same name.


That is fine, but he should answer the question. Will not give him the job, now next.


But he has them listed under his profile.


This is really pretty simple. There may be a legitimate reason the seller has that content and you already know how to flag the gigs (if you think it’s necessary) so Fiverr can check it. Since you have concerns, hire someone else. Buyers have the right to vet sellers and that’s great. Sellers usually don’t want to work with a buyer that isn’t right for them either. There are plenty of other sellers to choose from.


You’re wasting your time focusing on this one seller. You can always send messages to the sites to ask if they know this seller but it’s not something fiverr will take the time to investigate. Don’t report someone for simply a guess like you are making. There could be a legitimate reason for this.


Since things are uncertain behind the seller’s legitimacy but at the same time you may damage their reputation unfairly if they are a trustworthy seller, just steer clear from that seller I guess. If you’re really keen on knowing that seller’s credibility I suggest you do some snooping around to see if their buyers were satisfied with the purchase.