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Seller can use auto refresh?

Hi. The problem is already discussed several times. But I cannot find the perfect solution.

  1. Can seller use auto refresh or if yes what will be the time period?

  2. In some case fiverr says using tools is not a problem. Are they support auto refresh chrome ext?

  3. If using auto refresh is not an issue then use it in full profile or any single gig?

Please anyone has proper answer I am requesting him to reply.
Thank You.

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Don’t try to trick the system. Using an auto refresher won’t help you get orders anyway.


no its not actually correct. let me describe. If you are seeing a movie or playing game or video tutorial it is not possible to refresh the fiverr page. and fiverr app shows offline after 5-10 min. and some buyer want immediate work. So they filter the online seller. It will be an issue. don’t you think so?


No, I don’t think so. Don’t try to trick the system. That’s all I have to say about that. I never refresh my Fiverr page just because. I still get orders. Want to be online? Keep the app open on your phone, for example.

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I was a substitute teacher when I first started on Fiverr. I used the auto-refresh for the purpose of knowing when substitute jobs were posted.

However, I could not use the auto refresh app when I was signed into Fiverr because when I did Fiverr kept signing me out because it thought I was a :robot:


Robot filtering? and what is the time period when you supposed to use?

I am not sure what you mean? :thinking: Fiverr thought I was a bot.

I do not know, I do not use autorfresh anymore.

This is what can happen:

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Yeah, it’s clearly gaming the system. If he really wants to be online that much (as if that matters), he can just refresh the page every 5 minutes himself, manually. That’s obviously allowed, and at least that means he is actually online and looking at the website, which is the whole point.


I’m guessing you’re asking because of the false ‘stay online 24/7’ rumors.


Its help to stay online is it becificial to incress the impression

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I am also thinking the same if its restricted to use auto refresh then is it possiable to refresh and stay online


  1. Yes you can but the time intervel should be more than 5 min otherwise fiverr detact that as a bot
  2. yes
  3. use it dash bord or profile anywhre you wish
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thank you mate. …

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Welcome brother its pleasure