Seller canceled order unexpectedly


I ordered some music from a seller that they had and on the date of the expected delivery they cancelled the order without explanation . Has anyone had this happen. I sent them a message and asked what the problem was and got no answer. I thought that was kind of shady .


Its disappointing but may be the seller was not been able to complete the job so seller canceled it…You had your money back… hire some other seller for the work…try to communicate precisely with the seller before the order through inbox.


That’s what I did . I communicated precisely the first time. Just thought that if a person couldn’t complete the project at least ask for more time instead of just canceling and not responding .


Yeah this is very unprofessional…At least the seller must respond before canceling. It’s seller loss at the end of the day. Also whats’s the point to extend the time if the seller is unable to do it. Try someone who is sure about it. Better luck next time.


Hmmm ok…The point is that maybe he needed more time because he thought he might be able to finish by deadline but couldn’t .Also you said to try someone who is sure about it . Ok so im suppose to go around and say "hey are you sure you can do this for me on time ? "…They can say yes but still fail to deliver …Smh ,thanks for the response though.I have to move on…lol wow…


Hi, Marcus!

It’s a shame you didn’t have a good buying experience.

As sellers, we have an option (feature) to request a delivery extension. Coupled with the fact that the seller didn’t have the decency to provide an explanation. My guess is the seller was in over his/her head, and just couldn’t deliver what was promised.

All the best to you.


I think seller should be say why he cancelled the order.


@nikavoice i totally agree…delivery time can be extended so i don’t think that will be the issue with the seller and i think if the genuine seller say yes to deliver it on time then he/she will deliver it on time.


It might be that the seller was unable to complete the order as described.


There’s no way a seller can cancel your order just like that. Your permission is always required, unless you did not follow the gig’s instructions, in which case support can cancel it.

Very odd and unprofessional though, to have zero communication skills as seller. :rage: Sorry you had the displeasure to find a seller like that! Hopefully you find a better alternative! :slight_smile: