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Seller Cancelled Gig After Creating Offer

A seller created an offer for me which I paid for then today I got this message

Your payment has now been refunded into your Fiverr Balance.

In order to get your work done, we’ve handpicked some great alternatives for you.

Has this ever happened to anyone? What if I do not want to purchase a gig from an alternative. This was a project with a specific candidate in mind. Now I have 178.50 in my fiverr account,
do I have to use the money to purchase other gigs, or can it be a credit back to my paypal?

I have no such experience with Seller withdrawing their custom offer but I am afraid you will need to spend refunded payment here on Fiverr.

The assumption is based on my own experience. I bought a Gig and asked support to cancel it after delivery because of fraud. Fiverr refunded my balance but this money is not available for withdrawal on my account.

Hmm, is the seller still available?

Based on what you said above, it seems to me that they were banned.

Yes they are. It was a recording project and they indicated they did not think they would be able to record the vocal in the pitch I wrote it in, which seemed odd because I didnt lock them into a pitch. But I did just figure out where I can request the refund and not have to keep it in my account to hire another option.

This is the only way you receive a refund. It won’t go back to the payment processor. It remains in Fiverr and you must hire someone else.

It will if you ask Customer Support to send it back to your payment provider. It can only be done a limited number of times, though.

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They refunded it immediately back to my paypal account, which seemed fair since the seller cancelled the order, not me. So hopefully in the future this doesnt happen again,thanks.