Seller cancelled my order after she didn't complete so she wouldn't get a bad review! Not cool


The seller didn’t produce. I emailed her 3 times for an update. She claimed to have sent the product, she didn’t then cancelled my order so she wouldn’t get a bad review. Steer clear of this one Fragglesrock!!!

Sheriffs note: Calling out other users is not permitted on the Fiverr Forum. Thank you


Calling sellers out is not allowed. I understand your frustration though!


I have mixed feelings about this. Things happen. I know one time i got so deadly sick that it impeded me from doing my normal work.

Fiverr should have a mutual EXTENSION button just like they have a mutual CANCELLATION button. I know a lot of my buyers would have no problem extending the gig if I got into some kind of jam. Most of my buyers are very understanding (not all – ha, ha) and most would gladly extend the gig time v.s. cancelling it if I got in a jam.


Hmmm…I checked out the seller, before she was “fragglesrocked” and there are similar complaints from buyers spread over time. I doubt she is perpetually ill! :stuck_out_tongue: