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Seller cancelled my order because I gave 4.5 stars!


I was working with a t-shirt designer to design some t-shirts for me. After the first order, I was quite satisfied and gave him 5 stars. Later as I was searching for wholesalers, I found the EXACT design. His explanation was he googled and found the design and gave it to me. Now I’m in a business where plagiarism would result in a lawsuit since I have to copyright my designs.

So I asked him just to finish up a design that deals with all the months of the year and when it came to rating, I gave 3 stars for “would you hire again”. I then get an angry email asking why I didn’t gave him 5 stars and then a request to cancel my order. I cancelled it, because it was so childish, I didn’t want to be bother with the drama. Then I received another email from him, telling me I wasted his time and why did I not give him 5 stars.

I don’t understand, can we not rate anyone the way we want to??!! Why am I getting attacked because I didn’t give 5 stars??!!


You are perfectly welcome to give whatever score you think the seller deserves. Don’t ever feel like you should change a justifiable rating, especially when someone attacks you about it, instead of asking politely (which is what he should have done). For some reason, some sellers take it upon themselves to be extremely pushy with their buyers about leaving 5-star reviews–I don’t know why. I’m of the opinion that harassing someone about a review (especially one that’s very positive) will result in receiving an even lower score 100% of the time.

Okay, I get why. They want shiny perfect score. But they’ll have a much less difficult time maintaining that score if they, I don’t know, actually provide a valuable service? Sorry if that sounds harsh, fellow sellers–and I do know that some buyers will give us less-than-perfect scores no matter how hard we work or how much we over-deliver, and that we are just getting a fraction of the story here…but come on. The seller admitted to the OP that he stole the t-shirt design, and he’s going to whine about not being given a perfect five-star rating?

If the seller is bothering you, OP, report him to CS. He should be reported for CS anyway for selling you a design he stole off the internet. I’m kind of surprised you didn’t give him a lower score in the first place. I’d be livid if I hired someone to make me a unique design for my business and they just pulled something off Google. If you hadn’t discovered it was a copy, using that could get you in serious trouble, like you said.

As a note: it’s against forum rules (which are linked at the top of the forum) to call out a user by name.


Reply to @emasonwrites: Thank you. I will remove his name, though I really want him to be exposed lol


Ok, this is now too much!!! He keeps sending me emails, then send a final one saying, “I should let fiverr decide” then it says “I cannot contact this customer anymore”. Did I just get blocked?? What part of the Twilight Zone is this??!!

His argument now, is that I gave him less than 5 stars, and when he asked me “why?” I didn’t respond fast enough, so he sent me a cancellation. So he wants to know why am I playing games that I didn’t respond to his first email but I responded to the one that asks for a cancellation? If he didn’t want to cancel the project, then he shouldn’t have been so rash, that is childish and I didn’t realize that if I’m dealing with Fiverr, I need to stay glued to my chair. It’s not like I have a life to live or anything. Not one, in his irrational mind, did it occur to him that I saw both emails at the same time because I was away from my computer?

OMG!! I’m never going to get back the minutes I’ve spent with this stupidity. Yes, let’s let Fiverr decide how you took someone else’s artwork and passed it off as yours after I asked you for original designs!


I know this’s not a pleasant experience, but don’t you think it’s time to move on? Why letting this bothering you so much? As you said it’s childish. You did what you could, report to CS and all so just ignore him.


I don’t want people with that attitude on Fiverr. It really gives us a bad name.

The seller knows what the rating will do to his business and he doesn’t want to earn the ratings, he wants to bully his way to good ratings.

Sorry for your experience!


Reply to @miacmht: I have moved on, but I still need to rant about it because it seems so unfair. And I realize that complaining to CS seems a bit difficult to do too. I’m done with it, but everyone needs to vent at some point especially when something is unfair.


In a case like that, if you agree to the cancellation, and you still get irrate messages from someone, email Fiverr customer support, a simple and polite note that you want to alert them to this buyer who you have bought from before and recently find out he has been selling copyrighted work. Then you gave him a slightly less than 5 star review and they cancelled and you agreed to just be doe with it, but they continued to send nasty emails…of course do not contact Fiverr unless all your reply emails to the person were completely professional.


Reply to @nycliving: Please follow through with a complaint to Customer Service. If not for yourself, but for those who will get caught up in this Seller’s shenanigans in the future.


I know this may not be the best experience, but you are worrying about something that should not take up any more of your time. It isn’t worth it and the buyer can’t do a darn thing to you. So let him waste his time whining and crying. Block him and move on.