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Seller cancelled order but never refunded $$ and Fiverr won't help?


Hi everyone,

I’m hoping I can get some answers here.
I contacted a seller via message before I ever placed an order to ask him whether he could narrow down his web traffic service to specific countries, he said yes. I then promptly ordered from him and he came back and said, “Wait a minute - I never told you I could do that for only $5!!!” - There was nothing about upcharges on his site or in his email correspondence with me discussing what I wanted the order to be.

I cancelled the order but the payment had already gone thru. Supposedly he mutually cancelled the order too but he never refunded the money. Not only that, but he sent me a message saying, “Never order from me again!”

Aside from him being a horribly rude idiot and ruining my experience, how can I get a refund issued? I have opened a ticket with Fiverr and get no response in days.


A mutual cancellation has to be accepted by both parties, so I’m not sure by your explanation what happened. Usually if you submit a cancellation request and he agrees, the order is cancelled. The refund would have gone back into your Fiverr balance. Make sure to look there and see if the funds are just sitting there as credit. Payments don’t automatically go back to your credit card or other payment source.

If the order was cancelled, it should show up in your order page at under the cancelled section. If it it is another area like Active that is different, so you should check that.


It shows up as cancelled but I have no balance in my fiverr account. So I’m wondering what happened?

Elaine Calloway


That’s pretty strange. Maybe you are looking in the wrong place in your Fiverr account? Try here:

It should show up under Shopping Balance. Since it’s not available to withdraw, only to spend, it shows up as a credit in the shopping balance. The processing fee won’t be there since you don’t need it anymore. When you buy other gigs with credit, the processing fee won’t be charged again. If the refund isn’t there, you might have to ask Customer Support.

Just FYI - links to outside products or even inside Fiverr self-promotion aren’t allowed as forum signatures. Fiverr sellers can advertise their gigs in the My Fiverr Gigs category, but there is nowhere to promote external sales of any kind. That’s why your link is gone. :slight_smile: