Seller Cancelled order


Hi ,

I ordered a job and paid around $7 fees . The seller just opened a dispute and cancelled the order as he was unable to do it.

Do i get refund for the fiverr fees as well ?



Yes, If you accept the cancellation request, $$ will be refunded to your Fiverr account and can use to re-purchase.


yes absolutely u will get ur refund if you accept the cancelation


No, you won’t get that.


You’ll get everything but the fees back. However, if you reorder a $5 gig, you won’t have to pay the administrative fees again.


If you paid $7 in transaction fee, then you made $140 gig purchase. When the seller dusputed/cancelled the order & you accepted, the $140 should have appeared as a credit on your 5r balance.

You can make purchases with your balance without paying another transaction fee.

Unfortunately, you will not get the transaction fee back as it is considered administrative.


You will get the fiverr fee as well. :sunglasses: