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Seller Cancelled Trying to get my $1000.00 back


I had a seller cancel after setting on my gig for almost a month. I agreed, because it was obvious he was not going to do it. This was a large gig that cost me $1050.00. I emailed support about getting my money out of my account. I have not heard from them. If they going to allow sellers to provide high end services, they need to provide a way for buyers to get their money out when things go wrong. This is not just a $5.00 service. I am no longer doing this gig through Fiverr. At this point I will have to contact Paypal and my bank if I don’t get resolve.


Hello delmetri,
Have you accepted the cancellation of the gig order?

Customer service can take up to 24 hours to respond. They do not provide a chatting service. So you have to be patient on that end.

If you decide to go ahead and perform a charge-back via PayPal, you will be blacklisted and your account suspended permanently.

So again, I would strongly recommend to seek a solution via Customer Support and be a little patient before deciding to take drastic actions.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


Because of the circumstances they credited my account. I will not order expensive gigs from Fiverr anymore. Its not worth having my money tied up. Its sad that a seller would tell you they could do something then cancer you because they have a better gig.


Glad you got your money back!


Can i know what service you’ve ordered and bit more info about this? because i had many orders than that without any issue.


I am shocked a seller sat on an order that large. Shocked you can not get the money out of Fiverr. Shocked.


They do need to implement a feature for buyers to withdraw their money. Unfortunately I don’t think CS will make an exception – just because of how their system is designed.

I hope you get it out though, keeping in mind that your IP will be blacklisted (and email, PayPal address, etc.) from re-joining Fiverr if you do a chargeback.

But that is a lot of “shopping credit” to have sitting in Fiverr if you never plan to make a large order again.