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Seller Cancelling order after negative feedback


Hi Guys, this is a strange one but stuff like this is constant on Fiverr thats why I never trust the ratings. I have recently done and order for a logo and the seller stated no clip art used. When presented with my designs that were very rough and all clipart. I asked for a little change but got no response. After a week I decided to click the red thumbs down and wrote “Just Clipart” in the negative comment. a day later the seller has promoted a “cancel this order”. It states the seller opted to cancel 6 days ago. IMPOSSIBLE. This is an obvious scam and by the look of it its enforced by fiver. Im blown away. I don’t want to cancel I want my negative feed back. This takes away all trust in gigs because negative feedback is eliminated and I feel abused.

Great trust building skills Fiverr.


;Click decline canccellation :slight_smile: I was just about to make a thread about this anyway :o


He he then they just do it again. Its an endless cycle.


Welcome back! I mean long time no see :slight_smile:


With the change to the policy, sellers can’t offer a mutual cancellation after the order was rated. If the order does get cancelled by Customer Support, the review stays, unless the buyer wants it removed (say, it was a mistake), or unless the buyer violated the rules.


Can’t do a review until order is completed though unfortunately. If they offer cancellation the review option is removed from your order.:frowning:


Once the order is completed, there’s no option to offer a cancellation, only to contact Customer Support.