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Seller cancels gig and I lose the $0.50 paypal fee?


There has got to be some sort of bug in the system.

For the longest time I’ve had a $1 balance with no real idea of how it got that way. Now, today, I communicated with a seller and because of a simple misunderstanding on my part he couldn’t do the gig. No big deal…until he cancelled it and I only got the $5 back and not the $0.50.

How in the heck does this work and am I going to lose the fee every time there is a cancelled gig?



Whenever there is an order refund, Fiverr retains the original fee. This is normal, and not a bug in the system.


Thanks for the response Jon…maybe at this time they keep the fee…but it hasn’t always been that way.

And this is definitely a bug…
WARNING: Fiverr Frustrated Rant

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Reply to @kjblynx:
You offered a much better answer than I did. :wink:


Well your misunderstanding costs fiverr a processing fee which they take from the seller. So your misunderstanding costs the seller $4 and you 50 cents. It’s actually a horrible system on fiverrs part. Today I had someone order a gig without messaging me first. He selected the $5 gig and asked for $70 worth of work. So we mutually cancelled. As a seller it’s very annoying when the platform offers me no security against ignorant buyers. My options were do a lot of extra work for $3 revenue or do no work and pay a $4 fine. Additional, if I had an issue with a seller, I could theoretically bombard him with this scenario over and over backing him into a corner of endless $4 fines untill I drained his funds. Its a very poor system. Fiverr is seriously slacking here.