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Seller Cancels Order. Buyer Stuck With Fee

It’s not the $1 fee, it’s the ethics.

Seller had a moral or religious reason not to work with my product but did NOT state this on the profile page. Therefore, I had no idea the seller would not accept my gig. refuses to refund the $1 even though it’s no fault of mine that seller broke our agreement to perform services.

So the cautionary tale to all buyers is: thoroughly vet your sellers before ordering.

Finally, I am more upset that my project is now delayed than I am about the $1. I am most upset about the broken promise and poor communication from the seller and losing my business over keeping my $1.


But it’s clearly stated in the Terms of Service that, in the case of refund, you don’t get the processing fee back.

It’s also stated that, if you buy with Fiverr credit (that’s the refund you got, if it’s still in your Fiverr account and if you didn’t demand to get it back to your payment provider), you won’t pay the processing fee.

As for the cautionary tale: yes, definitely vet the seller, AND read the Terms of Service.

May I ask what’s the product? If it’s something illegal (or in the gray area), it might not be allowed to work with it on Fiverr.


It’s clearly stated but is it fair to get hosed by a seller with no reason to deny my job other than personal beliefs? If so, I might as well burn my money. Clearly stated does not mean fair. The seller should pay the fee if the seller initiates the cancellation. Sorry if fair play, ethics, and logic were not taken into consideration.

I am taking my business elsewhere until I am not subject to getting screwed.

No, my product is not shady. It’s wine. Been around civilization for a long, long time.

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Wine is not shady, it’s delicious, but it is true that in certain parts of the world it would be a forbidden product. Most sellers on Fiverr don’t have any problem working with any product at all, though, so you could resolve the issue by just contacting another seller directly and asking if they would be interested in your project before you actually order.

Fiverr ranges from bargain basement to high-end, so as you said, it does take a little vetting to find the right seller. I’m sorry you are upset, but I think there are ways to resolve it. Otherwise, you are within your rights to go elsewhere, of course. Best of luck.


Also, alcohol consumption is forbidden for religious reasons as well.


Yes, I know about other cultures, thanks everyone. I am not judging other cultures here, to be clear.


I could order 1 million gigs and lose 1 million dollars per this error of omission and fiverr’s policy of keeping my money through no fault of my own.


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You have agreed to Fiverr’s Terms of Service by creating an account. If you find the terms to be unfair (of course, you’d be perfectly within your right to think whatever you want about the terms), why accepting the rules (you had to check the box stating that you agree), creating an account, and placing an order?

Next time you buy, if you pay with Fiverr credit, you don’t pay the processing fee. So, in theory, you could place 1 million orders, and pay a total of $1 as the processing fee.

We can only use 1,200 characters for the gig description. In some cases, there simply isn’t enough room to mention everything we don’t do.


This is where I tap out, even though I’m sympathetic. I’ve never heard of any buyer purchasing a million gigs without a test gig or two. I hope you find what you were looking for somewhere. Have a good weekend. :slight_smile:


If it’s any consolation, it counts against sellers in the future if they cancel an order as it affects their metrics.

Me - I’m thinking of going tee-total. :wink::sunny:

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See ya. I hope you sleep well knowing buyers are the losers here.

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Wow, that’s a bit harsh, don’t you think?

@fonthaunt was only trying to help. In fact, she sympathized with you.


Right now, I buy more than I sell. So, I am one of the buyers and I don’t feel like a loser for it. I’m still sorry that you do, but I don’t think I can say anything else to help.

@nikavoice thanks for the support! No worries, I get that it sucks to feel like you lose money. I’m not taking it personally. :slight_smile:


Am I wrong? Follow the steps:

Buyer does not know seller has a prejudice against his business. Buyer pays money. Seller cancels gig. keeps money. Buyer loses.

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Actually, you are, compared to how the majority of buyers handle this type of thing. I know, I should drop this, but I sincerely wish you would understand this. It’s not unlike purchasing an item online and returning it, some companies make you pay the return shipping. It’s not uncommon. Here is how it usually goes:

Buyer does not know seller has a prejudice against his business. Buyer pays money. Seller cancels gig. keeps money. Buyer loses.
Buyer realizes that vetting is necessary and searches for a seller that is a better match.
Buyer finds a seller, contacts and makes sure before ordering.
Buyer purchases a gig from the new seller and the $1 that had been paid for processing is not charged again since the buyer already paid it.
Fiverr wins, seller wins, buyer wins.
Buyer continues to happily buy, knowing how to vet after one problem experience.


Tapping back in. Fine. Here’s the buyer’s guide. Step four is where I failed but I didn’t think I would ever have this problem yet I did.

  1. Check out the freelancer’s work samples. Did this.
  2. Check out the feedback from buyers like you. Did this.
  3. Choose the the package that best fits your needs. Did this.
  4. Contact the freelancer with any questions to make sure they are aligned with your expectations. Didn’t do this. :expressionless:

I failed on step 4. Doesn’t mean I agree with asking a seller what religion she or he practices and if my product is taboo. But, now I will and I guess in order to get my work done on time, and not lose money, I will screen out certain countries or only work with trusted sellers. But not here. Gigbucks or designcrowd will be getting my business.

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Sorry, but this is nonsense.
It is a processing fee to lodge money to your Fiverr account.
You paid it once for the money you lodged to the account and now you can spend the lodged money without a processing fee. That’s the way it works. Nothing to do with sellers.
I am an open minded, easy-going, wine drinker but if I was to list all of the things that I won’t do, it would take more space than any buyer would ever read thus rendering it pointless.
It’s unfortunate that the seller you chose would not work with you but such is life - move on to someone else.


Thanks for adding to the conversation.

Other buyers reading this - talk to the person you’re about to hire. I know it sounds crazy, but believe it or not, it will save you time and possibly even money :wink:


So if they’d said sorry they couldn’t do it because they had a really bad cold that would have been alright, but because they said it was something related to where they come from or their religious beliefs it’s not alright? :wink:


It is true… but you can always explain in the gig “always contact me before to start to work to chat and know more about your project” It is just my point of view.

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