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Seller cancels order, I can´t leave feedback?

Yes, the same happened to me, the seller didn´t deliver and after more than one week of not answering my messages nor deliver the project they just cancelled without reason, and Fiverr doesn´t allow me to place a bad review. Now, if I check the seller review, it´s all full 5stars, which means that´s not real. Fiverr should be more responsible with users and allow people to rate bad sellers so that other people don´t make the same mistake, that´s unethical, very unethical from Fiverr, I suppose you just want the commission no matter how bad the service is…

I’m not sure why you are complaining. If the seller refunded your order, then your order price was returned to you. If you have your money back, than there was no service for you to review. If, however, you had declined the refund (rather than accepting it), you would have been able to leave a review of the lack of service that was provided.

In the end, your actions are what prohibit you from leaving a review. What is more important to YOU, a refund, or the ability to leave a negative review. You can’t have both.

I understand how frustrating this is for you. Getting a refund means you can’t leave a review.
I’ve explained this so many times, why it is set up this way, I should keep the answer handy to copy and paste it when it is mentioned.

You can’t have both… Well said.