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Seller cancels order, I can't leave feedback?!? [ARCHIVED]

The seller did not communicate with me as to the reason why he was canceling the order. I noticed that he has a perfect star rating which makes it frustrating because if I could leave a review it would be a negative one. I don’t feel now that the star ratings are a true indicator of the sellers’ quality. Fiverr should consider letting people like me leave feedback for a cancelled transaction. Otherwise, I’m not so sure that the ratings are effective in doing anything.


Reply to @ceriwilliams: You can refuse to accept the cancellation. Explain why when you do so. Something along the lines of, “You waited to long to cancel, if I had received this notice earlier I would have accepted. I apologize but I still expect delivery.” The seller will then be forced to either force cancellation through Customer Service (Which leaves a negative review automatically) or deliver on your order. If they choose the CS route, you get exactly what you are asking for here. If they choose to deliver, then you get your order with a little aggravation.

So basically, what I’m saying is you can actually already leave “negative” feedback if a seller does this, you just have to know what to do. Admittedly it isn’t custom feedback, but it tells other buyers that this seller is a risk. Which is what you basically want.

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Fiverr should allow buyer’s ratings show on their profile.


The seller may have added a message as to why the cancellation was issued, but I believe it doesn’t always show, not sure if that was fixed yet. Did you try contacting the seller and asking why it was cancelled?

I understand your frustration, but your order may not have met the gig requirements, the seller may have been overbooked or something to that effect. If you agree to the cancellation you forfeit the right to leave a rating, if the cancellation was forced the seller would have received an automatic bad rating.

There are so many reasons why the seller may decide to cancel. You can send a message to hear his own side. It is preferable to hear the seller out before you conclude.

Buyers would easily abuse this if they could leave feedback after a cancellation. Sometimes sellers cancel to save themselves from a bad buyer (I know from experience).

Feedback determines the work performed. If a buyer gets a refund then there should be no reason for any feedback to be left.

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I agree with salcovarrubias - buyers should be able to leave feedback when a seller cancels.

I had an order that was due today but was cancelled yesterday by the seller because they were ‘too busy to meet the demand’.

  1. Why wait until the day before delivery to tell the buyer?
  2. Why can I not flag that the seller is unreliable as they let me down so late in the day?

    The seller is a featured, top rated seller with a perfect 5 score. Whilst their work is fantastic they are obviously abusing (or at least benefiting) from the fact buyers can not leave feedback if their job is cancelled. I note the seller’s queue dropped by 50 or 60 in the time I received a cancellation request so others were obviously in the same boat as me. None of which will impact their perfect customer feedback score !

    Part of my selection process is to look at the top rated sellers with great scores and customer reviews. Appreciate they are only indicative guides, but the process is flawed when sellers abuse their position. Very frustrating and disappointing.

    Cherry on the cake was that this morning I received an e-mail from Fiverr drumming up new orders for the seller.

    It’s wrong to classify all cancellations as ‘mutual consent’ - that was not the case in my situation - I was let down late in the day and now need to find a different seller.

    ‘Accessgirl’ - interesting - I wasn’t aware of that seller gets a bad mark if you reject the request. I actually rejected the request I received yesterday in the hope I would get my order still. I ended up accepting the second request as the resolution centre message went on about recommending the acceptance to prevent bombs destructing in x hrs. Guess I should have continued to reject the requests !

    ‘Russflex’ - I disagree for the reasons above. I now have to add more time to my delivery (or pay premium prices for faster delivery). On a side note, getting a refund is not always suffice and certainly does not translate to a good customer experience. For example, I am about to raise a completely different order which is in excess of $100. If that is cancelled in the same way I would get a credit back to my Fiverr account. I would want the credit paid direct to me as Fiverr is not the only supplier for this kind of work/commission ie Envato’ (and their developers). Fiverr buyers should not have limited choices because a seller has let them down. Even if there is a way for Fiverr to create a manual refund via a back end process it is all hassle & time for me. Surely future buyers should be warned about these kind of suppliers with a negative score. I have built & sold solutions for people and am aware that some ‘bad buyers’ take advantage - but that doesn’t mean sellers should be let off the hook when they take abuse their position.

    ‘clintonwork’ - you are right. Feedback loops can be abused so agree both buyer & seller need a voice.

    Poss changes :

    a) Why doesn’t the cancellation request contain a drop down list with the reason type ie Seller too busy to deliver / buyer didn’t submit enough gigs / buyer didn’t provide sufficient information / buyer & seller couldn’t agree on requirements etc.

    b) Give buyer & seller the opportunity to add a comment if they wish.

    That would protect all parties but also provide buyers with a more accurate seller overview to make an informed decision ie seller has a great score for completed work, however, they have a high propensity to cancel orders when they are busy. Given there are xxx in their queue it’s worth choosing a different seller.

    Thankfully, I have had mainly great experiences on Fiverr so negative feedback is not the norm !

We need an option to deny a gig right away if a buyer orders something we do not offer or something that would go against fiverrs terms.

A second feature i would like would be an ability to set how many clients there can be in cue, when limit is reached gig would be closed to new orders and buyers would see a message like overbooked or similar.

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Reply to @mgjohn78: Yes and yes. Both of those features would be amazing. I know it would be a little complicated, but it would really helpful if, on the second suggestion, we could set a number of “units” that are allowed to be ordered before orders are shut down, so that, for example, it would shut down after twenty-five different buyers place $5 orders, or one buyer places an order for twenty-five articles (or the equivalent for other gigs).

Or, if it used some of the same features as a hotel scheduling widget, so that we could set how much “time” or “spaces” we have available and once those are full, orders are closed until the next day.

Reply to @russflex: I definitely, definitely agree. If this feature was changed, us sellers would have pretty much no protection from unreasonable or abusive buyers. If buyers could leave reviews on cancelled orders, it would be so easily abused…geez…I can’t even imagine.

Reply to @mgjohn78: Yes I agree. I actually had a buyer recently that purchased a proofreading gig. Then they wanted me to reorganize the content in their paper. I’m like, “That’s not proofreading.” Some buyers just want too much for too little.

Reply to @ceriwilliams: It’s a complicated issue. There can be bad sellers, sure. But, there can also be bad buyers. It wouldn’t be fair for a good seller to receive negative feedback if they receive an order that doesn’t pertain to their services and then they cancel it. I’ve had to do that a lot and I wouldn’t want negative feedback for it because it’s not deserved.

Yes, there can be inconveniences for the buyer in terms of their time being wasted. But if they get a refund that was willingly provided by the seller, I think that still says a lot about the seller’s integrity. If the seller refuses to give a refund, then that is a different story.

Reply to @ceriwilliams: You want it both ways, your money back and one sided rating. All I got to say to all buyers who whine about not being able to rate sellers when there is a cancellation, let sellers be able to rate unreliable buyers and have those ratings show up in their profile as well.

@steveeyes - you are missing the point. I have not said I want one sided rating. I said that it’s wrong that there is no consequence to sellers who abuse the cancellation process. I don’t have an issue with poor buyers being flagged when the boot is on the other foot.

@russflex - I hear where you are coming from. I am sure most the sellers on Fiverr have many shocking stories about bad / unrealistic buyers. I understand your point that ‘seller score’ is better when it’s a reflection of completed work (not distorted with bias from disgruntled buyers who raised inappropriate orders). I still feel that additional information should be available regarding the cancellation reason. It doesn’t have to adjust the ‘completed work score’ but it should summarise root causes for the cancellation. Instead of the generic cancel request that is currently raised, the seller could just select a cancellation with an appropriate reason (which may be by ‘Cancelled by mutual consent’, ‘Rejected : buyer raised inappropriate order’, ‘seller unable to fulfil in timescales’ … or what ever the reasons).

The frustration regarding my situation was that I was let down the day before delivery - if I was told upfront, or warned that lead times would be longer I would have been fine.

Personally, I think ‘queue culling’ of jobs nearing delivery date is done to ensure ‘average delivery time’ is kept down low (a key selling point). Plus some kind of instinctive fear buyers would mention it in their feedback (which sellers obviously want to protect). I appreciate that not all sellers would purposely use these tactics, and I know there will be ‘both sides to a story’ but processes need to be engineered in way that they are fair for both buyers & sellers.

Agree with @mgjohn78 points - sellers should be able to reject inappropriate orders. Surprised that isn’t a current capability to be honest. The second point would certainly give sellers a lot more control over workloads and would prevent overbooking issues.

I like @emasonwrites ideas … that’s fair and works in everyone’s favour. It’s also a great selling tool as it encourages buyers to place their order whilst they have the chance to do so.

@russflex - your point about some buyers expecting too much for too little is true. Generally, when people outsource work to experts in their respective fields you have to pay a premium. I can’t believe the range of services you can get at highly competitive rates here on Fiverr. I am getting some artwork created for my personal blog for just over $100, it would have cost a lot more if I had gone to an agency (which would have been well beyond my budget).

thanks @theslackjaw … was not aware of that. That addresses the problem.

I would love to leave feedback for a cancelled order. The job was ordered two days ago with the seller contacted with specifics prior to ordering. The job was started and a countdown clock initiated to delivery in 48 hours. We are several hours past that and I just received a cancellation request from the seller, with no explanation. Their page now indicates they are on vacation. This just cost me the $.50 processing fee and several days behind my deadline.


In my view, the system is abused by sellers. When they can’t meet an obligation, they request a mutual cancellation just before their deadline. Why is this abuse?

-Because as a buyer, we’re just waiting for them to fufill their order. They quite possibly already know they can’t very early on, but rather than update their buyer, they just leave it until the last possible moment before requesting a cancellation.

For me, I have had to hold off for a week or more before getting somebody else to fulfil my order, all because they seller couldn’t be bothered to inform me early on that they can’t do it… With a mutual cancellation, they get away with this scott free.

Today is the 4th time it’s happened to me.

This thread makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. So no work was started, done, or delivered and the order was cancelled but you still want to leave feedback??

Sounds like since this is the 4th time that you may be at fault or the difficult one.

Of course you can’t leave feedback for an order that was cancelled. That’s what cancelled means. This isn’t an airline or Yelp where you can leave feedback if you’ve used the service or not, it’s a marketplace, and you get the privilege of leaving feedback when the order is executed and delivered.

I’d like to leave a negative feedback on this post…

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Reply to @pappy12: I’m not saying this to defend sellers that cancel at the last minute–in my opinion, that should only be in rare circumstances, and the fact that it’s happened four times to you proves that it’s not only happening rarely…but the reason it’s taking so long for you to see a cancellation might be that the seller has not even looked at the order prior to clicking into it to actually work on it, and so that is the first opportunity he gives himself to evaluate whether or not he can do that task.

Again, I’m not saying it’s right, but that would be my guess, especially if the sellers never send any kind of confirmation message on the order page. Before you order or when you order, do you ask the seller to let you know immediately whether or not he can do the task? If you need orders started within 24 hours, like your profile says, you can be the one to initiate the cancellation if a seller doesn’t respond within the time frame you want.

It would also be interesting to see what you’re requesting. Four cancellations sounds like you might unknowingly be asking for something beyond the sellers’ capabilities.

I deal with unreasonable and abusive buyers every day :slight_smile: No one cares about it.

About the fact that you can’t leave a review if an order is cancelled ( perhaps you don’t understand the meaning of cancelled ? ) … Why don’t you read the tos of the site first ?!