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SELLER "cannot be contacted at this time"

I posted a brief specification for some artwork I wanted done, and several sellers responded. I picked some whose previous work suggested they could do what I wanted, and sent them a more complete spec. One of the sellers responded in my inbox with several messages, but Fiverr added an informational popup at the bottom of that inbox saying the seller cannot be contacted at this time. The seller is Level 2 with 200 positive reviews, and seems anxious to do the job at a price which is less than what I offered.

What does that informational popup mean? Is something shady going on?

That usually means one of two things. One is that the seller sent too many messages to too many people who clicked the “report” button and got the seller flagged for spam. If it’s that one and it’s a first-time issue, Fiverr will probably re-open their ability to send/receive messages soon.

The other possibility is that the seller did something that violated the Fiverr Terms of Service and had their account completely banned. In that case they are usually banned for good. Have you tried look at the seller profile to see if it still exists? Either way, it is possible they were doing something they shouldn’t have been and you may want to find another seller unless you have plenty of time to wait and make sure.