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Seller Cannot Deliver or Contact Me!


I’ve put in an order for a gig twice now, the first time the seller went way overdue so I cancelled.

I have had the seller do work for me before and was happy with it so I contacted her and she informed me that the Fiverr system was broken and would not allow her to deliver the gig.

I have now re-ordered and the gig looks like it is going to be late again and there is no feedback, I know the work has already been completed and the seller is top rated with 99% from 6000+ gigs so I don’t think it’s a problem seller.

Anyways, been waiting for weeks now for this gig and can’t seem to get anybody to contact for support.



I am not sure how long is the delivery time that set by the seller but maybe you could try to drop him a message instead of posting on the order page. :slight_smile:


i am satisfied with you kywong85