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Seller can't read


So i’ve been told that those that aren’t from america speak far better english than americans but if thats the case what is so hard about following this gig request.

" I am looking for a seller who is very good at vintage, retro or minimalistic logo designs. I need this for my website which i do freelancing. Needs to be transparent background, .png format only. I would like to know who im hiring so please tell me a bit about yourself in your offer. also I don’t care if you are a top seller on fiverr invalid responses will be declined along with other factors "

This makes me dislike coming to fiverr its filled with people who claim to be one of the following: U.S. (but actually half way around the world), Speak and understand english (but uses the word sir in every sentence). literally had to tell a person i will report them to fiverr because after i declined their services they kept messaging " i send you offer now? "


You have a valid frustration but note that because Fiverr is so big it’s hard to vet every single seller.

Fiverr is doing a tremendous job at keeping these false accounts at the minimum.

If you suspect dishonesty report them to Fiverr and the trust and safety team will evaluate.


How could I serve you,sir?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
No offense!
I don’t know why people use words like sir/madam/dear :confused:.How could I be dear to anyone?:rage:


y are you angry, dear? :smiling_imp:


I hate to say this but a Buyer Request is probably not the best course of action to find someone to do a logo design. BR is where you mostly get the newcomers and/or desperate to respond. Better to browse the category, pick a few you like (run a reverse image search on some of the images!) and go from there.


It’s nothing! :grin:
There are millions of sellers out there, but not everyone is capable of doing the job for you. As a buyer, you must choose the right person to get the product. :slight_smile:
You can search for a keyword, look at the profile, reviews, levels to get some idea about the individual seller. :slight_smile:


Sometimes my clients send a specific Getty image to use in their logos and t-shirt designs,If someone run a reverse image search on those specific images,he consider my work crook/copy-paste ?:confused::confused::confused:


no all a desperate on there plus i am willing to give a newcomers a chance


what do you use for reverse image searching i use tineye


So long as it’s clearly outlined to viewers. To give you an example: If I were to view your gig and notice copied imagery I would suspect you copied a design. (but in reality your client requested you to do that.)


Diversity dude diversity


I’m seller (and not of still images), so it’s only curiosity. I just do this:



So what should I do?
If a client send image to use, do I request him/her not to show that design publicly?


lmao i swear i never noticed that option when right clicking


Exactly. It’s your call.

If the image is copied from another website having it featured in your portfolio would make a potential buyer think you use copied designs.


Thanks for replying.:slight_smile:
Highly appreciated!


well you have to see if they have the proper license to use it for what ever means however getty images work. and on your profile or gig i would state that some clients request getty images to be used for gig so for buyers like myself who actually go through your profile or gig will understand why it shows up on the internet


That’s great! I ll apply this to my gigs.
Thanks so much!


plus i also believe you have the option to not display those completed works on the gig


Do you mean to say I should disable my live portfolio option for those images?