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Seller caught red handed using my live porfolio!

Hi Fiverr’ss
This is a first for me, but I caught a seller red handed using a my live porfolio audio I delivered to a client. He is now using that audio I created as his main audio sample to sell his services… Holy smokes.

I have reported him but I want to know how serious this is . Not only that they a level 2 seller!!
Holding restraint in not contacting the dishonest seller.
What worries me is what is he delivering !
And no it’s not a seller/buyer I have previously delt with.


Just to clarify here, do you think the buyer you delivered your work to is the person now offering your services as theirs? Or has someone recorded a sample playing on your gig, and created a gig of their own that way?

I ask, as if it is someone who has bought your gig, you might have a hard time proving that they don’t have a right to use the audio you delivered.


No, the work I delivered was to a completely different and legitimate buyer. I know this because we have a report and he has a you tube channel

Yes they just copied his audio I delivered

Probably should not bother the legitimate owner of the audio. Don’t want to scare him

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In that case, this person has infringed your clients copyright. I’d raise this with Fiverr asap. After all, your buyer might think that you are reselling work you have delivered to them. They could then complain and Fiverr could restrict or ban you for breaching TOS. :frowning:

Hopefully, nothing like that will happen. However, it is a possibility.


That’s why I’m posting this, have I done enough

I’m not surprised. I have a PDF of my reviews as one of my images and found a seller presenting my PDF and reviews as his own. He had no reviews of his own.

I just happened to find it by accident. Anything you have will be copied on someone’s gig.


Will the safety team do anything?

They have jobs in their que, thats the kick in the gut! His prices are higher I can only assume they are reselling my voice overs

They could then complain and Fiverr could restrict or ban you for breaching TOS. :frowning:

Highly unlikely.

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I will report back later…
Hopefully they will evaporate in a puff of smoke.


When I reported the guy who was using my PDF as his own he got banned but he hadn’t had any reviews and was new. It helps if you send proof with your message to customer support. In your case a screenshot or the file he is using of yours.

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I did, it was Sherlockish

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Haha sweat justice. The entire user and gigs are shut down. Boohoo over 400 reviews up in smoke.


Wow. Good to know. Karma to that seller.


“I have a special set of skills,
I will find you, and when I do
If your plagiarizing my material
I will have you shut down”54d46015dd1f0_-_esq-taken-de


Hi Steve,
So I’ve gone through the same kind of problem myself as well. Let me tell you fiverr is really responsive in this. My problem was a bit different but quite the same as well, a seller copy pasted everything in my gig and put it on his profile, he even copied my story of how I started doing design out of an engineer’s study program.

What was even creepier was that he was a level 1 seller, and had around 25+ reviews only on that one gig. This ticked me off, to top it all off, I got to know about it from a buyer who asked if I had copied my life story. LOL That’s just not OK! So I submitted a request to fiverr and sent proof, and in a few days I learnt that that gig was cleared off from that person’s profile.

So in that sense its good that fiverr really respects seller integrity. I know your problem was solved, but just wanted to share my input here as well. hope it helps others. Cheers.


That’s very satisfying to hear. :+1:

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LOL I’m imagining Liam Neeson saying this. Nicely done.

Seriously, though, I’m glad Fiverr took it down and thanks for the update!

Thanks for letting us know that Fiverr took action quickly for you, @iconsolutions. It’s a relief to read that they take this seriously.