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Seller change product type


I need help/advices - I was asked If I can do silhouette for beer label, I told seller I can do it and now in middle of process he is asking me to do a photo realistic illustration (which was not as we agreed).
I have left 1 day to complete order.

Can anybody give me advice what to do in this situation ?


There are a few things to consider:

  • Are you able to do what the buyer is now asking?
  • Would you charge more for this kind of work?

If you can do the work, inform the buyer that you either need more time to complete it or, because you have now almost completed his first order, he’d have to pay extra.

Try making him a special offer for both :slight_smile:


Thank you for suggestion - Yes I think I will tell him I need more time
Do I deliver his first version and then he ask for revision or just write him I need more time ? ( As I do not get bad points for not delivering on time on Fiverrr deadline)


First, you need to communicate with the buyer.

Ask him if he’s still interested in the first design.If he’s not, then don’t deliver as you’d simply be doing free work!
Then explain that in order to do accommodate his new requirements, you’d need more time. To extend the delivery time, you simply need to go through the resolution centre.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think you’re penalized by extending the delivery time. In the end, what counts the most is a happy buyer.


Thank you for replay !
Yes I want to talk with buyer but he is offline now and I only have 1 day left till Fiverr deadlien ends, I hope he will get online soon

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That should be considered the principle of the proposal, to make clear to the client what you can do and what not. so that in the future this does not happen

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Thank you ! Yes I agree but in other way I was not excepting he will ask this radical change

If it’s such a radical change you should explain that, not only will it take more time, but you’ll need to charge extra.
As @guilarteluis said, the proposal is there for a reason. You work based on the requirements submitted. Changes are acceptable, but a radical one submitted at the last minute? Questionable.

I can see that you’re a new buyer, so the first few sales are very important. Do what you think is best :slight_smile:

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Yep, you don’t get penalized for extending the order delivery time, provided your buyer accepts the extension before you run out of the current time you have left on your order.

Agreed. @markojovic94 You need to tread carefully while working with such buyers. You need to communicate more than you normally do with other clients with more straightforward requirements. Don’t wait for them to come “online” to talk to them. Just send them a message as soon as possible, and they will reply whenever they can.

@elenaelena568 Happy Birthday! :birthday: :partying_face: :cake:


Absolutely! You need to have an honest and polite conversation with the buyer. Message them and ask if they’re alright with an extended delivery time, plus an increase in price (?).

Thanks @hanshuber16 !! But it’s not my birthday :sweat_smile: Apparently it’s the anniversary since I joined the forum (who knew?)


Thank you a lot @elenaelena568 @hanshuber16 it means a lot to me !!
Yes I understand this things quit good and I treat every customer with deep conversation about their needs/details - I think communication is one of most important aspects here and It means very much to me to get 100 % understandably, will send seller message again and If he do not replay soon will try to extend time as he is not online so much

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No problem at all @markojovic94 :slight_smile:

Keep us updated and let us know what happens :sunglasses:

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Will do my friend , thank you so much !! :smiley:

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