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Seller changed my vbliehotlst

So I for a seller to create a e-commerce Wordpress site. He sent me buy request. I paid with cc. The it took me right back to cc page to pay again! $129,. Outnof my bakcaccoint. Seller didn’t get funds and no funds coin fiverr. The well when I goto my bliehost account the email and passswlrdndont workZ did I get scammed out I my blimehjost ccoint!

What? All money transactions on Fiverr should be made through Fiverr. Did you pay someone in a different way?


As was mentioned you are only supposed to pay on fiverr. We have no way of knowing what exactly happened in your case.

You can send a message to customer support and they can look into it for you.

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I’m confused. Did you give that person your credit card number?

You should speak to your bank right now and see what they can do.