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Seller changing order after payment

I recently ordered a gig and the seller altered the gig after I have paid - buy 2000 Facebook likes changed to 1000 likes, this is not the first time. What can I do? Thanks

You can stop buying fake likes.

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pcdoctor1 said:

Well it does not matter whether you purchase 2,000 or 1,000. Both are going to lead to your Facebook Page being removed...

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pcdoctor1 said:

Well it is. It does not matter the amount of 'likes' you get as both will lead to a loss of your account. You may actually be better off with 1,000.

That being said, take a look at the 'order' page. Nowadays, even if the seller updates the title of their gig the title on this order page will not change. It used to do so, but not anymore. If it says "1000 likes" on that page then it means you ordered after the change :)

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Read Facebook’s Terms of Service BEFORE thinking about purchasing fake traffic.


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Read Fiverr’s Terms of Service BEFORE purchasing gigs that violate Fiverr’s own TOS.


I’m on a roll y’all:

Stop complaining about being scammed when purchasing a scam.

Reply to @cheezees: Lol! Exactly! What is it with these people? It seems like the forum is constantly inundated by frustrated posters complaining about being “scammed” after purchasing a scam like this. Really?!

Reply to @cheezees: I dunno. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Is it OK that the buyer may have been ‘tricked’ into getting half of what they paid for?

We all know Fiverr allows folks to sell all sorts of things that are against the ToS (or generally illegal), we also all know that folks are gonna keep buying shady ‘product’. I don’t see how it makes it any better to encourage the fraudulent seller to add false advertising on their gig to the false advertising of the fraudulent likes that they’re selling.

Ugh, too many words! Let’s try this: If Fiverr allows fake Facebook likes to be sold, the seller should still be obligated to provide the quantity offered in their gig description when the order was placed. I think the buyer should complain to Customer Support.

Who knows, maybe some attention will be placed where it should be, and some things will be taken care of. It could happen. :wink: