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Seller 'cheapnetflix 'screwed me over and seller still selling gigs

I purchased a Netflix gig one month ago from 'cheapnetflix ’ and it stopped working. Sent seller numerous emails, no answer. Fiverr did nothing and this seller is still on Fiverr doing business.

What is a “Netflix gig”?

This is begging for it, but …and chill. Look, I can’t see the gig from the username (Forum Rules + You = Broken) but what, you got a cheap 1 month sub that’s stopped?

Netflix is like $8 for a month or something. Why… why wouldn’t you buy it yourself? Why would you outsource this? You ever stop to think that maybe you got some outsourced CC and… lol

Oh boy. You need to report this to Netflix HQ, stat. If you do it quick, you CAN watch that last season of Archer!


check the seller–something’s off here, because one “new arrival” gig an 18 reviews with a 5-star and little else. Nothing makes sense.

I think Michael is a minor, and needed a seller to watch Netflix. Then…

Well, we’ve all had crazy buyers.

A famous saying you get what you paid for…

What did you expect? Pretty much all these gigs that offer cheaper deals for things like Netflix, Hulu etc are SCAMS! Caveat Emptor :slight_smile:

I don’t see any account under the username, so if it did exist, it’s been banned. If you actually paid for something you’ll just have to accept your refund. Then you can buy another gig for something that might be more useful.

Maybe I’m wrong but will take a guess at it. I have a paying account with Netflix and a few months ago noticed new profiles on my account which I did not set up. I disconnected all devices and changed the password. More than likely that seller was selling access to hacked accounts. If not paying the fee for Netflix, more than likely it’s stealing access from a paying customer.