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Seller cheated me!

hi, I order quite a lot of gigs on fiverr. On february 2020, I ordered a $50 gig to guest post on one tech site (the seller completed on 24th feb). However, when I check the post on 06 May 2020, the post was removed. I contacted the seller and he say will check with the admin of the site, and no new after 3 days.
May I know what I can do in my case? really felt like seller just cheated me. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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And what’s written in his gig? Was there a duration for keeping your guest post on that website? Was it a “lifetime” or a certain amount of days/months

It looks like your seller is looking into that and might be waiting for an answer from a hosting website?

Yes, he say permanent post and I do hope that he will post back my article.
But it was 7th may he say that will ask the admin of the site. On 10th I ask for update, no respond and hence today I ask again and post it here.

Contact with custom support, they will check if buyer asked your or he mentioned in gig for lifetime post then custom support may help you in this situation. Tell them each and every thing clearly with screen shorts.

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As writers, we do a job, we get paid, and we move on to the next writing job.

I don’t know what your original agreement was, but it sounds like your seller has done the job he was paid to do (write the article and post it), and something has since gone wrong (possibly out of your seller’s control).

Maybe he has contacted the site admin and maybe he’s waiting feedback from them?

Or maybe he feels like he’s under no contractual obligation to invest more time in the project?

You ask for help. Maybe this isn’t what you want to hear, but if your original agreement was for your seller to write an article it and post it, then he’s long ago completed any contractual obligation to you. In which case, there is nothing you can do.

immediately contact on fiverr customer support !!!

Why should the buyer do that? We don’t know the terms of the original agreement.

If the job was to write and post an article (which most of these blog writing jobs are) without any ongoing support, then the seller has long ago completed their obligation.