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Seller closing gigs before completion

Why do they do that? If a gig is listed as a day or 3 days then surely work should be completed in time.

I have now had 3 separate gigs that the seller has marked “complete”, As they just want more time to do the gig or that they hope it will be marked as complete without delivering. Its annoying

googlemaster said: Why do they do that?
Because they are a.) fools, or b.) thieves. :)

Request a modification and then sit on your hands and see if they deliver.
Cancel the orders and hope for better sellers next time.
Accept and pay for the 'deliveries', then be very direct in your feedback about the sellers.

Reply to @infinityplusone: yes the “delivered” button with a few words in the text.

I had two sellers do this on me and then don’t do anything for 3 days, hoping the gig would auto complete. I cancelled both gigs with 30 minutes to spare :slight_smile:

Reply to @itsyourthing:

Exactly, it sits in my hands. If I do nothing in 3 days then the gig auto completes. Why on earth should it be in my hands. I have made a contract with the seller and a few hours later the gig seller completes the gig and says " I am working on it now". I have had this happen to me several times with different sellers. Perhaps you can shed some light on it as its not a timescale issue and if it was then perhaps those sellers should edit their gigs

Reply to @googlemaster: Do you mean they use the delivery button to inform you its not complete rather than deliver, or just send you a message?

Reply to @googlemaster: There is no light to be shed that you aren’t already aware of.

They are hoping to get away with not doing the work. As @madmoo says, they should be reported to Customer Support for breaking the site Terms of Service.

They decide their timescale. It is more likely they prefer to have a quick turnaround time listed to attract orders and then ‘deliver empty’ in the hopes of an automatic completion.

That is really upsetting. That’s rude. I would not buy anything from those sellers.