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Seller Complaint Procedure


How do I make an official complaint about seller - its just too easy for a seller to cancel an order and not take any responsibility for either mis advertising, mis-selling and/or delivering a terrible job

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To be honest, you need to specify the problem before you ask for an answer.

Lots of times, wires can get crossed on Fiverr accidentally. i’m a seller. I’ve had buyers who seem to be taking advantage, but this has later been found to be due to a basic communication misunderstanding. As a buyer, I have also been forced to cancel orders when it later transpires that a buyer has needs which I cannot fully satisfy.

Provide some context to your current problem, and people here might be able to advise accordingly.

There’s no crossed wires - its delivering low quality work that has mis sold under the wrong description

You can report a problem to Customer Support and if they find that the seller is actually violating the Terms of Service, they will ban the user account. If they determine that the seller promised something and delivered but didn’t deliver well, they will recommend that you choose between a refund and leaving a review so that the seller loses the ability to level. Since you said the seller cancelled, it might be useful for you to know what happens when sellers do thigs.

Sellers who aren’t violating the ToS but are getting bad reviews will be penalized by their own actions since they will lose levels and get a lowered review score which keeps them from using buyer requests. Those sellers eventually fail to get more new orders due to poor performance and they leave.

Sellers who aren’t violating the ToS but offer cancellations to avoid bad reviews get a dip in their completion rate. If they do it once, that’s no big deal. If they do it repeatedly, their completion rate will drop below 90% and they will lose a level. If they don’t get things straightened out, they drop all the way to level 0. Buyers eventually stop buying from them because if they stay at level 0 long term and get no reviews, they look like bad sellers.

The system is intended to punish people for canceling repeatedly or for getting poor reviews. Support will let that happen as long as the seller is following the rules of the site. So - long story short - if you just think the seller really violated the Terms of Service report it and be very clear with Support about what the seller did so that there is a ban. If the seller just did a bad job, though, you will have to let the system handle it. Since you canceled you got your money back and the seller will either learn to do better or will lose all their sales over time.


You really still need to specify what the actual problem is.

There is a world of difference between asking for a $5 website and a $100 sales copy. Fiverr does not guarantee the quality of services provided. Say what you ordered and why you think what you received was sub-par, and people may be able to give you actionable advice.

Hello Paul, we are here to help. If you gave us some details of what exactly happened, we could give some helpful suggestions. I’m so sorry this was a bad experience! Most of us are sellers and want to know when there is this kind of a disappointment for a buyer.

Customer support might not help if your order was already cancelled.

If the seller cancelled the order, that ends the transaction as you found out. It’s possible that they found they couldn’t do the job after all. I hope your next experience is better.

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