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Seller completed transaction without delivery

I ordered a computer game coaching session.

Covid disaster struck. We had death in family. I was made redundant from my

I forgot about this order. Seller made no communication with me at all. Zero communication in chat history. Seller marked job as complete three days later and collected money.

Who is at fault?

You can ask him now to get the Job done.

Orders autocomplete after 3 days if the seller has delivered something. What did your seller deliver to you? If they made an empty delivery that is a breach of Fiverr’s TOS and they could get a warning on their account if you were to report them.

I would contact the seller and explain the situation and ask them if they would consider still coaching you. If not I would contact CS and explain the situation them @


The thing with coaching sessions is that it can be tricky to show you actually delivered something. The seller can say the coaching session was completed and deliver a random image from it. So I can see how some sellers would abuse this.

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