Seller copied gig leads to violation for multiple accounts



I am a graphic designer with 55 days of experience on Fiverr. This is not relevant but I average around $50 each day, have completed 56 orders and maintain a 5 star rating. Recently, I received a violation on my account for creating multiple accounts. Obviously, I knew straight away that I did not create any additional accounts other than my own, therefore I created a customer support request to look into the issue. Not only did their response not answer any of my questions, they basically replied with irrelevant information which did not assist the case at all.

So as they were unprepared to help, I took matters into my own hands. Long story short, I cracked the puzzle. I found out that a seller with 140 reviews from logo and web design has recently entered the twitch design market - where I specialise. So this seller has directly copied and pasted my entire gig title, description (all 200 words, word for word), 3 packages and FAQ questions - not to mention the fact all 3 of his gig portfolio images are stolen (sources can be provided). 2 were stolen from a very well known designer in the community, and the 3rd from myself. Yes, I know what you’re probably thinking and I have already contacted the fiverr support team regarding the issue. Again, they did not help me at all. I have provided many side by side screenshots of my gig versus his gig.

So after conducting my own research, I now understand exactly what happened. This duplicate gig created by a seller (who I have no link/relation to) has been flagged up by the Fiverr system as a replicate of my gig and I have been accused of creating multiple accounts. Obviously, this is totally unjust and unfair. I am being punished for the actions of other sellers. I have been left no choice other than resort to the forums - a service which I have never used in the past. My ideal resolution is for the seller’s gig to be removed and for my violation to be discarded, however this is not my decision and is solely down to the fiverr customer support team. I hope some of the more veteran and experienced sellers on this platform can advise me on how to proceed.

I was unable to provide any links on the forum as they show the seller’s name. However, I have many links of proof with side by side screenshots showing him directly copying and paste every aspect of my gig.


You need to remove the name of the country as that is not allowed on the forum.


Sorry about that, I was not aware. I removed it instantly.


It’s funny that we’re not allowed to say anything about scammers.
It’s like we should protect them, but anyways.

To be honest I don’t know how or who reviews gigs.
My first gig was deactivated because ‘I had links to other sites on my images’
when I didn’t. I put a watermark on them because I’ve read people stole images
from other gigs. My watermark said art©rumeishi. So I contacted support, and they
replied 24 hours later saying exactly the same thing as the warning I got before,
that I had a url on my images, meaning they COMPLETELY ignored my message.
I had to remove the watermark for it to pass, which is stupid.

I think monkeys are reviewing these reports. Customer support is useless.
They were super fast to press that SOLVED button tho.


Cannot say this any better - especially the SOLVED part. I feel as if the support team are not only unhelpful, but mark the case as solved so that us sellers cannot query anything. Then when a second request is creating, they mark it as spam. There literally isn’t a way to win. Surely I cannot be the only seller who experiences this. More people need to speak up.


This is only a comment on this part because it’s forum related. The rules are in place to protect everyone, not scammers specifically. In order to give a space for people to just vent and talk, you can’t have a system where any random user can come on the forum and announce: “Rahan_G is a scammer, he stole my identity and is pure evil!”

Unfortunately, sometimes you encounter a random buyer/seller/someone on social media who decides they want to mess with you and this forum is the first place they come. The moderators on the forum can’t judge which statements are accurate or not so we don’t try. If a post is flagged for mentioning a name or even a region, that content is removed to protect the forum discussion space. Good luck.


This is true and also the way the world works. If forums allowed “name and shame” to occur, everything would be chaotic. I used the term “the seller” instead of his actual name to keep his identity hidden. I was not aware that naming the country location was restricted, therefore removed it within the same minute I was told by another respectful user.


I gotcha. No issues. I just wanted to explain why the rules are this way - it’s not to protect the bad ones.


This is very worrying. I too recently found a seller who has copied my description word for word. CS said that they couldn’t tell me what if anything could be done. However, this seller has recently changed their gig description.

You would think that this would be the end of it. Sadly, I have a feeling that all of this sellers descriptions are copied from other sellers. At least chunks of them anyway.


It has been over 4 days now and Fiverr were unable to help me any further. The stolen gig is still up and active. I’ll assume that sellers are now allowed to directly copy and paste another seller’s entire gig and get away with it. In terms of the victim, they will suffer the penalty. I’m just going to have to continue with the violation, which is a shame because I would have been a level 1 seller by now.


This seller has recently created a whole new account which is a complete replicate of his old one. So now he has 2 accounts which are directly coping me. He has copied and pasted his exact gig onto his new account and I’m extremely worried that I may receive another violation for the same reason as explained in the original post. I would appreciate any advice.


Do you have screenshots to prove that they pasted the very same gig? Support might not appreciate them having opened another account if they perma-banned their old one. Else, I don’t know what else you can do than ignore it and hope for the best.


Yes I have so many screenshots of absolutely everything. I even went to the hassle of putting my gig on one side and his gig on the other so they can easily compare. I did this for the gig description, FAQ, packages, profile description and portfolio images. Not only this, I even went and found exactly where he stole his gig portfolio images from and linked the designer (who has over 50k followers).


The actual designer may have complained to Fiverr then, so they banned their account, I guess, don’t know if they’d ban their follow-up account then if just you contact them, or if it would need the actual designer to complain again, which they might find tedious… However, in case fiverr can find out it’s another account by the same person they already banned, they might ban them again if you tell them. Then they can set up another account and paste the same or another designer’s work as theirs and so on… But you can try, maybe they’ll run out of VPNs, MAC addresses, PayPal accounts, phone numbers, IDs and whatever else Fiverr checks, eventually.


They copied only 1 image from the designer with 50k followers, and he is not on this platform. The other 2 images were stolen from me. This can be easily confirmed because the images even have my name all over the background (my watermark). The seller has not actually been banned… so he has 2 active accounts which are copying me.

I feel like this is a waiting game for me to receive another violation. I just have a feeling the system will flag the stolen gig as me creating multiple accounts, again… Maybe one day I can receive a custom, human response from the support team. Till then, I’ll just keep waiting.


Ah, yes, well, your choice, I’ve had sellers copy my stuff too, and not on just one account, even my profile text/identity, if you will, but I gave up reporting after a while to focus on things that are worth my time more. It’s very annoying, though, certainly, but I can’t afford to spend the time to check and do something about it any more than Fiverr can apparently.


I’m starting to get worried about this.

To date I have found 4 sellers using almost word for word copies of some of my gig descriptions. There could be more. However, I simply don’t have time to police Fiverr for this kind of activity.