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I have mentioned a few times in the past to support but will see if I can get some votes here and hopefully get this put into development.

On the seller dashboard it is impossible to find a gig by a certain buyers name other than manually going through every page of the Completed or Cancelled gigs. I have over 5000 so this is not feasible to do and have to contact fiverr support to find the gig number for me. Most common reason I have for needing this is when feedback appears long after the completion date that needs responding to (as buyers have a habit of asking questions instead of using for actual feedback).

Easy fix would be a sort by on the columns or even better a search by buyer name.

What you all think ?

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This is being discussed on another post Purchased Gigs


Search by buyer name/order number/date/specific gig. All in 1 should be there. I remember some third party website I used to work had the same feature and it was really easy for me to find. Also there should be a feature to search a seller by search box



tn5rr2012 - Sorry for duplication, I did a search and could not find anything.

sheihhsabayyal - Agreed, being able to search on all variations would be a great help.

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I came across this forum this morning hoping to find an answer to this question:

"Is it possible to search for a specific gig by the sellers username?"

I agree with jeffmoses, This would be a feature I would use very often as I receive many referrals for gigs from their satisfied customers.

I hope Fiverr adds this search to their site very soon.



Reply to @kevin1961:

Yes Kevin, you can search by seller name and just write the seller name in search bar. and the problem is to search for buyer so I also agree to "Jeffmoses"


Imran Afridi