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Seller Dashboard Not Showing

Do someone else has this problem?

I am not seeing anything at my dashboard.


Me too :expressionless:

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Me to. Refreshing the page once got it back but most of the time/now it just shows that.

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Same here. The site seems to be down at the moment. Some users have also said they’re having issues with the Earnings page being wrong, which we’re also seeing. Perhaps it’s some kind of reboot to fix that issue?

I’m sure it will be back soon - time to make a coffee and go do something else… :coffee: :yawning_face:


I was just writing a thread about this. I can’t even withdraw my money :frowning:

Thank God is just a bug. I thought I was banned for something I did!

Same here! But app works just fine though.

Me too, I just wrote the credentials of a client into the chat as he didn’t see them in his delivery and after that my dashboard disappeared. As I had to write the email address in chat, I thought I was banned for that, which shouldn’t be the case since it’s part of my services.

Dashboard is up, everything works!

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It’s back to normal now.

Someone at HQ must have unplugged Fiverr, waited 30 seconds, gave it a quick tap on the side and then plugged it back in again. Works every time.