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Seller Dashboard Orders Cannot be Opened in NEW TABS

Hi, I believe everyone has noticed the recent change in design of the Seller Dashboard. In the previous design version, there was a button to click to view the order. Now, there isn’t any - I am not sure it has anything to do with it but before the last update, you could open the orders listed in the dashboard in new tabs (right clicking on the order and selecting open in new tab) - This was helpful to some extent but since the last update, you cannot open the orders in a new tab. So to open multiple orders from the list, you have to load the dashboard page everytime you have to select the order.


A screenshot to understand and see the new design you are talking about?

You are right Ambleonline. I am not fond of the new design at all. I’m fond of multiple tabs open at once.

Maybe contacting CS and describing the problem with it (that it doesn’t let you easily open tabs per order) would make them more likely to change it back.

You can see it in your dashboard - The layout has changed and so have some of the functionalities - If you see multiple orders queued in your dashboard, you won’t be able to open those in new tabs - You just have open them one at a time having to reopen the dashboard again and again

Being able to open the orders in new tabs would be much easier to manage. I guess fiverr is just trying new things at this point to see what they can improve

@uk1000 I am not sure if they would do so based on the opinion of a single user. That’s why I just wanted to check first whether or not I am the only one facing this issue

I agree with you that it was much easier the previous way. You could create a poll and see how many people would want it the way where you click to open the order in a new tab instead of the more complicated new way. Maybe it would help get it changed if the poll results or the thread was shown to CS in the ticket if there were enough voters and depending on the poll results. But creating a ticket is the best way for it to be changed, and probably if more people mention it to CS (or if, through a poll or many forum posts by people it’s obvious to CS that it was easier and better before) it will be more likely to be changed.

But Fiverr are probably unlikely to keep looking at the forum unless a particular thread or issue is pointed out to them, eg. through a support ticket or through someone who has contacts with the right people in Fiverr.

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I don’t have these changes and this new dashboard you are talking about, this is why I’m asking for a screenshot.

The new dashboard says “View” next to an order. I think it used to say “View Order” next to the order.
The difference is you used to be able to right click on the “View Order” and select to open in a new tab.

Right-clicking on the “View” doesn’t have the same effect. It just says “back/forward/reload” etc. with no option to open the link in a new tab.

See below. This is what right-clicking on the new “View” option next to an order does, which is useless.

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Thank you for the clarifications.

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Where are you and what browser. I still have the option on Chrome in USA. Also my view on dashboard is a button, not a text link like you show.view%20dashboard

Have you logged out and cleared cookies recently? Maybe it will change when you do.
My screenshot is from Chrome, latest version, Windows 10.
Unless they’re trying different updates for users in different regions. I’m in Europe and the OP is from Pakistan and both have the new dashboard “view” option.

I never even use dashboard, so it was the first time I looked at it. I usually just use manage sales. And they do tend to roll out updates by region.

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@uk100 yes you are right! Creating a ticket before putting up a poll would be better to get the CS notice this issue, I am going to create a ticket now first to see what they say now. Thanks


I am not sure but I guess that you use fiverr’s mobile application more often than you use the website. The reason I think of that is because if you look at the website and you have already switched to selling option, the easiest way to view the current orders is by clicking the dashboard button. There doesn’t seem to be a direct button on the navbar for “Manage Sales” but there is one in the menu of the mobile application

I have created the POLL too

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Works for me on Firefox when I click the view with middle button to open it into a new tab, and right clicking also does the job. I haven’t cleared my Fiverr cookies :cookie: in a while, but I highly doubt that is the reason. I would recommend you to use manage order page instead of the new ugly dashboard.

For me the dashboard today has gone back to the old way of allowing me to “open new tab” when I right click on the “view” option, which is good (still in Chrome).

edit: When I refreshed the page it’s gone back to the bad “new” way that doesn’t let me open the tab in a new window, so maybe the ones I tried it on where it worked had been old tabs that hadn’t been refreshed since I previously logged out & in or something. edit2: but in 1 tab it still works after ctrl F5 - maybe I haven’t logged out recently with that tab.

Fiverr developers love to “fix” what already works perfectly! They simply waste their time breaking EVERYTHING that works perfectly instead of adding the most obvious improvements Fiverr needs which were pointed out by Fiverr sellers thousands of times. They either just don’t care, or they are just too incompetent to implement those features (like a super-easy “conditional requirements” feature).

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