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Seller dashboard show actual earning after deducted fiverr 20%

Hope fiverr listen, the seller dashboard now currently shown active orders.
I want fiverr show the actual amount we earn after minus fiverr fee instead. Not the amount buyer paid, so we know how much we actually earn on each order.

Another add-on: show the actual amount seller earn of each order on buyer dashboard?

Thanks fiverr.


Hello Chrisdata,

I appreciate your suggestion. But personally, I don’t like that.

I need to see my net revenue instead of actual prices, so I can manage my day-to-day expenses and targets according to it. :slight_smile:

If you need to see your actual amounts, just use this formula.

Actual amount = (current_revenue / 4) x 5

Thank you!

I think showing both are best.
Like $100 ($80), bracket one is the actual amount we earn.


Good idea! I usually make sure each order when completed is shown in my earnings page.

I mean i like do the math in my head as a brain exercise. Keep the noggin young :wink:

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@leemograph I do too. :nerd_face: