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Seller declined my dispute

I ordered a gig two times by accident and I requested one to be canceled but the seller clicked on no. I want to cancel the order but the resolution center sends me back to the seller. I am also afraid to continue this at the moment because I really want this gig to be perfect and don’t want the seller to get mad to ruin it

How did you order twice by accident?


I would contact the seller and explain that you ordered twice by accident and that you would like one cancelled.

It’s my understanding that the seller can request that customer service cancel the order placed by accident and it won’t count against them in the monthly evaluation.

If the seller refuses, then I would contact cs if I were you and ask them to cancel it.

Come back and update here, if you care to.

I suggest you go ahead and allow the seller to complete the order.


I was reading somewhere here on the forum that some buyers were having an issue with their payment that resulted in multiple orders. Perhaps that occurred in his situation as well.

I would like to know how buyers do this.

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that is what happen to me, it told me something about being slow so I just ordered again

Then it is unacceptable that we get this marked as a cancellation that affects our completion rate, since it’s a bug. I’m sure that they are working out a way to correct this.


I actually had this very thing happen to me today. A buyer accidentally ordered duplicates when she meant to place a single order, and ended up having to cancel one. I opened a support ticket, but was told more or less that they couldn’t do anything and that it would end up impacting me. I wonder when they’re going to address the issue.


This is truly horrific.


It’s fine for me, as I’m not relying on Fiverr full-time and my current order completion rate is still above 90%. But I can see how awful it would be for people who do rely on Fiverr for their livelihood.

Although the official claim is that being dropped levels won’t impact your amount of orders, they can’t account fully for buyer behavior. It’s inevitable that some people will filter by level, but it’s hard to know how much it might actually hurt a given seller.


It DOES affect how much we can charge.


My buyer ordered two gig extra accidentally after I deliver my assignment. He didn’t want to pay the extra amount. I wanted to give the bucks back but there is no way to partial refund. Finally, I denied his request for cancellation and promised I will charge $10 less in future if he buys any service.


If it is the warning shown by Firefox in a yellow bar, you always need to wait.

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Here’s a seller who had an order placed multiple times and has had the excess ones cancelled:


I refuse to think that this will continue indefinitely. It is simply unthinkable.

The level changes and how cancellations were going to be handled started in November. No idea how long they’d been considered for before that.

It’s now March - it could go on forever? It’s definitely thinkable, and seems to be affecting more and more people as time goes on (not surprisingly).

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I can’t think, as a personal way of looking at fiverr, that this is not going to be fixed.
It’s not something I want to have in my mind. I’ve always seen fiverr as a basically fair, well run, very together company that is responsive when problems come up.

I know they realize this is a big problem, and I know they want sellers to feel like things are fair.

It seems like they are streamlining the huge amount of tickets customer support gets so that CS doesn’t have to constantly be making so many on the spot decisions about when cancellations should count.

It may be that they need to have a separate team that does nothing but decide these situations. There is no way to make this automated, the way it’s set up now.

So right now it’s all automatic. A cancellation happens and the seller is punished no matter why it happened.

How to automate this is the issue, and it’s not a small problem.

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Unfortunately, it turned out to be incorrect. It will count against them.

Is there something else that the seller can do for you in the second order? The seller is probably afraid that the cancellation will greatly harm their business, and with the current system in place, it might, even though it’s not their mistake.


Ugh! I didn’t know this is the case. This really needs to be resolved, the sooner the better.