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Seller declined the request to mutually cancel my order. What the heck! [ARCHIVED]

First of all, I am also a seller. Today I accidently ordered a gig & whenever I tried to cancel my order, Seller declined the request to mutually cancel this order. Right now I am in really awkward situation :-/ Can someone Please help me???

Reply to @steveeyes: Thanks for your help, I just sent him another mutual cancellation request. Hope it works!

You have to keep trying. Make sure your reason for cancellation is clear and direct. Also I’m never sure if they get the message in the Mutual Cancellation box so I also copy and paste the same message on the order page to be sure they got it.

Tell the seller it is in both of your interests to cancel otherwise you will go to CS request cancellation which may take longer and it will count as a black mark against the seller (only mutual cancellations don’t count as a black mark against the seller).

that’s not very nice of him/her. hopefully he will refund you back or you can submit this information to Fiverr Support?

Not meaning to sound rude here, but how exactly does someone “accidentally” order a gig? I’m serious; How does this happen?

The reason I ask is that I had this happen to me yesterday. Someone ordered a gig, then in the order details said to please cancel because they “accidentally” ordered. (Yes I canceled it)

I’m just curious, because in my 22 years on the internet I’ve never “accidentally” ordered anything.

Do you mean to say that you mean you just happened to click through the order process involuntarily? Your mouse was in the wrong place at teh wrong time and you clicked on order?

Just trying to wrap my head around this.

Reply to @liquidlettuce: having multipul browser tabs open orders wrong one.

this only happens if you are tired

Reply to @liquidlettuce: I’ve done it before myself. With clumsy hands and help form a kitten. I accidentally hit the order button, still getting used to a mac laptop mouse and just meaning to scroll down, followed by a kitten trampling all over it and suddenly there was a processed order for something I was just browsing at.

A customer of mine had her son take the phone she’d ordered from make 4 more orders just mashing the phone while her back was turned.

Accidents happen.

Reply to @liquidlettuce: I am using HP 15 Touchsmart laptop, I am just browsing some gigs on fiverr & suddenly my order was processed. You know how hard is to control a 15 inch touch device :slight_smile: I am a seller, So my order is processed through my wallet not paypal.

He again declined mutual cancellation request :frowning: Now I am going to customer support

Reply to @ilovecustomers: I joined fiverr few days ago & delivered more than 21 orders. Am I tired - Yes #:-S #:-S #:-S

Reply to @wpfalcon: Sorry to hear about your problems with the seller. :frowning:

Thanks for answering my question. I hadn’t used a touch device on the site and was ignorant to the issue.

Sounds like Fiverr needs to implement a confirmation step to the order process, whatever that may be.

Reply to @liquidlettuce: I agree that a “confirmation” of some type should probably be put in place. I’ve had about three people do this to me and while I understand it, it can be frustrating for a stat junkie like myself. (Even though mutual cancellations don’t effect me negatively any more…the number taunts me. It’s a sickness really…)

My only “order by accident” story I have is with Amazon. My wife had set up the “one click” purchase feature and forgot to tell me. I went to put something I was debating on buying into my shopping cart. My plan to was to continue browsing, looking to see if I could find “exactly” what I wanted. Imagine my surprise when I saw the “Thank you for your purchase” page…

Excuse me, where is this “mutual cancellation box”? I went to look at an icon months ago and it placed an order and when I asked the seller to reverse it, he said there was nothing he could do. I don’t see this box anywhere. Thank you for your time…

My mistake, it’s a shopping cart item and there’s an “x” to its left which I did not see.


You can contact Fiverr customer support and tell them your issue with this accident order. They will surely help you to solve this immediately. :)>-

Thanks! :-h