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Seller delays & non responsive


I found a seller who seemed to match exactly what I was looking for. Delivery time 2 days.

I paid for:

PREMIUM (VIP Service Full Package)
Design Complete and Custom Listing + Store Template with Premium VIP Services and Features
Responsive Design
Convert to HTML/CSS
Commercial Use

2 days passed, no communication. Fiverr suggested I open a dispute to cancel.

I clicked the dispute button which gave the seller 48 hours to decide to cancel or not. He was so apologetic and said his team had missed my order but they would get onto it immediately. Yes, they did. And the first part looked great, with some minor changes. The delay in response to changes is a couple of days. But it’s now 3 days again, no response. I understand he is busy, but communication is key.

I didn’t expect to get this all done in 2 days. But I do expect to see some evidence work is being done.

I needed the job done quickly and I’ve now I’ve had to start another dispute giving him another 48 hours. Is this how Fiverr should work? Buyers have no alternative that to enter into a cycle of Disputes to get their work done?

I am finding it stressful. I am sure there are other sellers out there who can do an ebay store & template is a timely manner. Each day checking to see if there is something for me and seeing nothing is terrible. :fearful:


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Try contacting them first, before placing an order and ask if they can deliver withing the time limit.
Sometimes they’re full of work or have personal reasons not to be able to complete the job, specially with so short deadlines. You will avoid having this issues again.


I am so sorry for you…
Well buyers should read sellers rating reviews and response time which is would be showing on seller profile
Buyers can also read previous buyers reviews on their profiles.
Well I wish you good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you. The seller has glowing 5 star ratings, that’s what ‘sealed the deal’ for me. If he has too much work on or personal issues, all he needs to do is let me know. I’m reasonable, but it’s when there is no communication, it makes me worry :frowning:

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What was your task?
Is it something about WordPress?


If the seller has not delivered within 2 days then it is late and you should be able to cancel immediately.
If the seller has marked the order as delivered but it is not then you should contact customer support and explain that you want it cancelled.
If you like what the seller has done so far I suggest creating a dispute and giving them an ultimatum regarding delivery or else it will be cancelled. It seems like they responded to a dispute quickly before, perhaps they will again.


Mobile responsive & no active content store design & template. I’m in more of a panic because I tried to remove the active content myself from my existing store & template using ebay tools and anyone looking at my store now can’t click on anything.

I thought it would be easier just to begin again with a fresh look. I gave him the link to my store asking for similar colours to be used and he just copied what I had, which is ok. A couple of minor changes to the template is all and then move to the store design, which I’m sure he’ll just copy again.


as I said on a post earlier, the buyer is either not able to deliver (if hes been coming online and seeing your messages) or hes indisposed at this time (if he hasn’t been online since the 2 days elapsed).
Most sellers do not know that the key to satisfying a buyer is communication, prompt delivery and high quality delivery for buyer’s money.


Hi, I see you’re going through a bit of a rough patch with your seller. In cases like this, the best advice I can give you is to simply cancel. I know quite a few sellers and this seller is clearly being unprofessional. He could have asked you for more time and Fiverr does have a feature that allows sellers to do that. If he truly is as late as you say, then just have CS cancel the order.KEEP IN MIND things like this are very rare and most sellers including myself deliver way before the due time. So I really wish this experience doesn’t present Fiverr to you in a negative way.


When fiverr suggests you cancel. YOU CANCEL.


Thanks eoin, appreciate it. I’ll see what he comes back with. There isn’t any way to cancel the job, only to ask him to cancel it and he gets 48 hours to come back to me. I strongly suspect he is a team of 1, not a team of many and that maybe he has too much other stuff going on.

If I don’t hear back from him in say the next 6 hours, I’ll contact customer support and ask them to cancel.


Thank you. Yes, I’ve been seeing him online and understand the time zone challenges between Sri Lanka & Australia. The last I heard from him was 23:18APRIL 07, 2017.

I sell online and have a background in customer service. If I didn’t communicate with my customers, it would cost me sales. Ugh!

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I think you are correct. I’ll give him another 6 hours to get back to me. If he doesn’t, I’ll contact CS and ask them to cancel the gig. I’ve used Fiverr before and it’s usually pretty good.

I’ll have no hesitation in using Fiverr again :smiley:


Good to hear that. You’re a nice person to still give the seller another chance.


There is no reason not to communicate with a buyer. All they’re doing is trying to buy themselves more time. There are plenty of good sellers looking for work so by all means cancel and find another seller. You need the job done now and the seller can’t do it. It’s that simple!


I think delaying to get more time was probably on his agenda, with his initial response to the dispute:

Hi there, I’m really Sorry for your inconvenience. There is something wrong with the uploading. We have already completed your listing template for your first review. But I’ll check this problem and get back to you very quickly. If you have any problem regarding anything, you can freely contact me anytime. Best Regards (seller)

I replied with:

Please cancel this gig (seller). Communication is the key and that has been sadly lacking. I wish to find someone else to do the job.:sweat:

I am referring this now to customer support.

As I was about to contact CS, I received this message:

Hi There,

Please ignore previous message by mistake.

Ok, First of all I’m really sorry for your inconvenience and I’m really worry about your disappointed.

This is our country’s main new year holiday season. So we are extremely busy in this month and we cannot handle this large customer inquiring. But you are being very patient with us so far and we also extremely worry about our delay response.

But Now I’ll give the first priority for your project and I’ll promise to complete your order within next 24 - 48 hours. If we cannot, you can get any decision about your order and we’ll respect your all decisions.

I’ll deliver your both templates within next 5 hours and if you can come online now we can very quick this process.

f you have any problem regarding anything, you can freely contact me anytime.

Best Regards (Seller)

I replied:

I do not expect miracles in delivery times, truly. But I do expect good communication. If I did this to my customers, I’d not have great feedback at all.

All I want is the template signed off on and work to begin on the store design, a few changes, then it’s done.

I’ll wait to hear from you and I appreciate your honesty.



He replied:

Hi There,

I didn’t expect this kind of gracious reply from you. Thank You.

I’ll reply to your revision now.

He has been true to his word and the work is getting done. At the end of the day, I believe he can do the job but he allowed things to get in the way. All he needs to do is communicate with the buyer, let them know what the go is & let them decide if they want to be patient or not.

And don’t BS an ex real estate agent… we can smell BS from 1000 paces. LOL



Revisions have time to get them done built in. Sounds like you asked for revisions and he is doing them, but now you have opened another dispute. You probably should have backed out and just canceled after the first delay with that seller. That says they are backed up with orders if they missed a premium package order.


He has come good now and the job is nearly finished, thankfully. I could see there were 5 jobs in the queue when I paid, and when I realised there were issues, it was 7 jobs. He sounds like he is a 1 person show pretending to have a team behind him. I think the pressure to get the jobs out in an incredibly short period of time would be hard, but all he needed to do was communicate there were issues.

What I did notice though, when I first opened a dispute was he was able to cancel it. Then did some work fast, but then dragged the chain again, resulting in a second dispute. There didn’t seem to be any way for me to cancel without creating a customer support ticket, is that right?

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Try some new sellers who will help you and in less price just a suggestion