Seller delivered as promised but as buyer I didn't mark as complete before deadline. What now?


My seller did exactly what I asked him to do, on time. I am very busy and that’s why I needed to use Fiverr for this task to begin with. The deadline passed. How do I mark this project as complete and make sure my seller gets paid? I would also like to write a positive review for him. I now only have the option to cancel. Did he get paid? How do I set things straight? I don’t seem to have any options. Thanks.


This is helpful, but the seller did do what I asked him to do. He did my project, but I guess he didn’t click “Deliver Now”. So it’s still sitting there marked as Very Late. Does this effect my profile as a buyer? Can I clean this up and close it out somehow? Or do I have to just leave it there forever? I think my seller got paid… I asked him and he didn’t reply. If I cancel I think Fiverr will take the money back from him, right? That’s not what I want. Fiverr needs to build in a way to resolve simple issues like this easily.