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Seller Delivered but I have no options for completing or leaving feedback?


I’m a newb. I bought something, it was delivered and my seller asked me to approve the gig as complete but I do not see that interface anywhere. I don’t seem to have any options to do anything except write a message to my seller or request a cancellation. I don’t want to cancel it since it’s done. I want my seller to be paid. I want to leave nice feedback but I have been unable to find anywhere to do any of those things. What am I missing here?


Anyway, for every problem you could have with “system”, try to contact Customer Support (, they are really wonderful !!


Are you really sure your seller delivered a work?

Maybe he just wrote to you without delivering?


I don’t have a delivery tab, or any thumbs. I’m so confused.


Go to My Shopping -> Click on order -> Click on green thumb -> Type something nice!

Happy to see buyers like you :slight_smile:


Ya it still says in progress but they contacted me to take action next. I asked them if they needed to do something so I could do what they asked but they haven’t gotten back to me yet. Thanks for the help, I’ll ask them to make it mark delivered. They did send me the final product so it has been delivered it just hasn’t been marked by the seller as such I gather.


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