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Seller delivered half-finished product! What are my options


I am still new to Fiverr, I ordered a gig with a seller and the deadline was 15 days, the seller sent me a draft and I mentioned some changes, the seller kept sending me the same thing without making changes again today and I mentioned that this doesnt have the changes I suggested. Now she delivered that without the changes. Also only part of the order is completed.

Tomorrow is the deadline. What options do I have?

Thanks in advance.


You can click on “request modification” button on the order page and demand that the seller delivers completed work. Do not accept incomplete delivery, and don’t let the order complete automatically (that’s what happens if you don’t request a modification within 3 days after delivery).

Or, you can submit a ticket to Customer Support and report that seller. Delivering an incomplete order is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


As I remember, when he declines the delivery, an automated question should ask why, and he can select ‘partial delivery’ which gets the seller’s actions to be reviewed.

Please ask the seller directly if she made any changes.

I once had a buyer get mad at me for ignoring his instructions and for simply resending the same document to him.
It turned out that it was merely a technical issue on fiverr :v:

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You can ask for the revisions officially by using the “request modification” button from the delivery page and the seller has to deliver the work again. Don’t accept the delivery until you receive the complete work. Ask for the revisions within 3 days of the delivery or the order will be marked as complete automatically.

I am pretty sure she hasn’t made any changes. I checked it completely, none of the changes were incorporated. I doubt it could be a technical issue because the seller still says she will do it.

I have requested a revision.

The deadline is tomorrow. Will the deadline gets extended because of modification request? Its been 15 days and she is just dragging it.

Sometimes it gets extended by 24 hours (if they haven’t changed it), but not more than that. And if she delivers after the deadline, it will show up in her stats, and the ranking of her gig will become lower, hurting her overall business on Fiverr.

Keep in mind, though, that if the deadline haven’t passed, she isn’t late yet, and that she isn’t obliged to deliver sooner than within 15 days.

Good. If she delivers incomplete work again, request revision again; don’t let the order close on its own. And if that doesn’t work, either, and she doesn’t give you a good enough explanation (for example, a family emergency), report her to Customer Support for delivering incomplete work.


I understand your frustration and I’m sorry for you negative experience here on fiverr.

Did you tell your seller that you have not yet received the file with the changes you requested?

Yes! every time she sent me the draft, I told the changes I mentioned were not incorporated.

It’s unfortunate that you had such an experience.
If the seller still doesn’t respond and makes the required changes , then I think the best thing to do would be to contact the fiverr CS.

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Just an update on this. I didn’t get any response till today, so I raised a ticket to cancel the order. But now the seller sent me a delivery link to Google drive. I requested modification again asking her to send it in Fiverr itself.

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Thanks for the update. Let us know what happens next

The seller says she cannot deliver in Fiverr due to network issues, that is why she is delivering in Google drive. I am not buying into this, the seller seems shady in everything she does. I asked for modification once again to submit it in Fiverr.

Sorry for the bad experience you’re having with this seller.

There’s a limit to the file size that can be delivered via Fiverr. If by chance the delivery is a large file, then the google link might just be appropriate.

I guess the limit is 1 GB? Its just an Android App and doesnt take that much storage.

The main worry for me is she can claim she has delivered it if I go with google drive and I would have no proof that its actually a partial delivery.

Hi @k2k175

If you’re having so much trouble with this seller, why don’t you just cancel the order and look for another one that can do the job?

IMO, keeping this vicious circle going on, is time consuming for you and gets you nowhere.

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I raised a Cancellation ticket this morning but I havent got any reply from CS and in the meantime the order was delivered. So I am not really sure about my position now.

You will need to wait for CS to reply.

Regarding the delivery, you have up to 3 days to mark it complete, you can also request revisions or simply wait for the cancellation.

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Thanks for the clarification! I will wait for CS to reply.

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