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Seller delivered half-finished product! What are my options


Few weeks ago same thing happened. The buyer was upset, he thought the updates were not made. But after couple of tries he was able to download the correct file.

I am on Fiverr from 2013, I can assure you this happens once in a while.

It will be best to ask the seller why the updates are not made, if the seller responds saying they have ask for screenshots, tell them to zip the file and send.


Just keep in mind that the order will automatically get completed after 3 days if you don’t request a modification.

Also, Fiverr’s delivery system does get buggy, and more than once I had to deliver via third party services, because my buyers couldn’t get their files otherwise (even though they were just Word or PDF files, so they weren’t all that long). Longer files do seem to create more trouble.


@catwriter not only longer files but any low res files sometimes create issues. I had a client couple of days ago who didn’t receive the file even after I sent him the modified work obviously he was pissed and didn’t leave a review.


The seller again delivered partially and I asked to cancel the order to CS. CS has cancelled the order.

I have found a genuine seller who developed me another App during this time. So I am going to provide that order to him.

Thanks everyone for your guidance.


I should screen the work. if it is as you say that I do not make the corrections. (serious problem of the seller)