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Seller delivered nothing, no responses to my messages

I ask from a seller to write an article. She marked it as delivered, there were no attachments. She said that she will need some more time. Now she does not respond to my messages for many days. When I go to the resolution center a massage appears saying that I should contact the seller first. I did it but no answer. What can I do instead of leaving a bad review and loosing my money? Thanks.

I have had exactly the same experience. You just want your job done and as they have marked it as delivered you can not even get it cancelled.

Actually, a job can be cancelled after it was marked as delivered. You have 14 days to cancel it after it was marked as complete.

If the option to cancel is no longer available, you can contact Customer Support and tell them what happened. They will cancel it for you, and you’ll get the refund (as Fiverr credit, so you can purchase from another seller).

Also, empty delivery (marking order as delivered without actually delivering anything) is against Fiverr ToS.