Seller delivered random code



I hired a guy to make me a MVC.NET website/project. I gave him very detailed instructions, and he said that he easily could do it.

Now he has “delivered” me a .net project, but the project he delivered, is just random code. There is nothing in the project that has anything to do with what I ordered. He has just copy/pasted random code into some files and sent them to me - and marked the order as “delivered”. I have 3 days to accept.

I know that if I try to cancel the order, then the seller has to accept the cancellation request. But he will probably not accept a cancellation, if he already is trying to cheat me.

What can I do?



You can report it to Fiverr. They would be able to force a cancellation. Barring that if you used PayPal to pay for the gig you can report it to them and they will get you a refund.

Mod Note: Initiating a chargeback through PayPal is against Fiverr’s ToS and will result in the Fiverr account being disabled. Please don’t advise people to break ToS.



Thanks for the answer.
Well, I made the transfer with Paypal, but not specific for this order.

So i will have to report it to fiverr.
I will try the standard cancellation procedure first though.


Good luck and don’t let it ruin Fiverr for you. There are a lot of great quality sellers on here.


First of all, “request a revision” so that the order doesn’t get auto-completed – use the text box to express your grievance. Then, reach out to customer support and clearly, but politely, explain the situation. If what you’re saying is true, it’s likely they’ll refund you and warn the seller.


You should at least request a revision. If you still want to cancel, then initiate the cancellation. If the seller refuses to cancel, then contact CS. Contacting CS shouldn’t be your first response.


Thanks for your answers

I tried the cancellations first, but he refused it. I then requested a revision, but he immidiately set it as “delivered” again.

I have tried many times to make him understand that he did not deliver what was ordered. But the only response I got was “I delivered according to specifications”. Over and over again

I am now in dialog with fiverr, and I hope it will be solved soon.


Excuse my curiosity here. Is it literally random code? That’d be … wow. I sometimes really wonder what’s going on in the heads of some people.


Well, it is not 100% random. He has started up Visual Studio and created a new MVC project.

But from there he has just inserted random files, code, and “Lorem Ipsum” texts

See screen shots: