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Seller delivered thrash and wont accept to cancel

I just ordered some web page. After 10 days seller delivered a thrash, 1000 lightyears away from my request and wanted to cancel but he never accepted. However i wrote on support to get help from fiverr. But there is no response from fiverr support for 8 days and the order is automatically verified because i tried 2 times to cancel and no more chance to send cancel request.

can anyone from fiverr take a look at my ticket and help me out?
Otherwise it seems i will be scammed on both sides.


Fiverr staff does not read these forums - it’s buyers and sellers only on here, so no one will be able to help you with your ticket unfortunately. Fiverr support is running, in some cases, weeks behind in their responses, so if you’ve sent in a ticket I’d advise you just to be patient and wait on a response.